If U Got Some Magic – Rademacher


A real indie band! This Fresno California-based band has been on the scene for a few years. This song comes from their first full length release from 2007. I don’t know if they’ll ever try to transition to break large but they have the potential. My pet peeve? Stop using “U” in place of “You”. Really, are the 2 additional letter going to kill you?

Lyrics here, more below:
When you’re singing about a sail
You’re really singing, you’re singing about the sea
You’re singing about those secret places
You secretly want to be
And if you know the city,
Then why can’t you find a place to get your hair cut?

Well, some questions are tough
Some don’t got answers at all

And if you’re really over it, then why you wanna go back to visit
Why you want to put that record on
And take another listen?
Man, that’s exactly the sort of attitude
That’s brought you back to your front door

Maybe that’s what this song is for
It’s the porch light you left on

And maybe your friends, they’ll all learn
To be friends all over again
all over again
all over again
all over again …

Well if you got some magic lying around
Well now, now is the time to use it
Now is the time to prove yours or lose it
But if you hold that magnifying glass up
Real close up to your face
You’ll see God up the nose
You know I’ve always loved that nose

And maybe your friends will all learn
To be friends all over again
all over again
all over again
all over again …

’cause that’s the way we walked in
And that’s the way we will walk out

There’s just some magic around this song for me. I don’t know what it is about the beat and his voice but they all mesh together and make something very special, at least to me.

Now there are several was I could look at the lyrics here. But the biggest thing I find is the question. Do you want to look back, hoping that something you once had will re-emerge? Or do you want to move forward and create some new magic. I fee like it’s a search and you have to ask that question we all ask. Are you stuck in place always looking back or are you going to make something new. It’s easy to live in memories but it is better to make new ones. My take anyway! I hope you’ll give this song a few listens…

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2 Responses to If U Got Some Magic – Rademacher

  1. Smirk says:

    U Need 2 Chill!

    • larrylootsteen says:

      There’s a huge list of very nasty words I will not post here in response to your apparent need to annoy me to death! 🙂

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