Fox News North

So there are some stories floating around my great white north (you might know it better as Canada) that there are people working on getting a station license to start what appears to be a version of Fox News for Canada.

In some ways it would have been better if Fox had tried to do this themselves. What works in these people’s favour is that NOT calling it Fox News allows them to hide their intentions under the radar a bit more.

See if you see any similarities:
– 24 hour news channel
– Mix of opinion and politics
– Less politically correct
– More ‘raw’ opinion and debate
– More audience participation

Now add in the fact that the station is being run by Kory Teneycke, former chief spokesman for Prime Minister (and very conservative) Stephen Harper and I think I see a trend!

The last thing we need is a station bent on using fear and anger to sway the electorate. This station is using the old line that news is too Toronto-centric and they want to take out and around the entire country. Which is all fine and well if your message is actually ‘fair and balanced’ instead of just a slogan being used.

Does Canada really want to become MORE like the United States? Do we want endless paralysis in government? Do we want our little groups of crazies to suddenly have a voice? And I say that not just pointing at conservative crazies but any crazies from any end of the spectrum. When the radicals start getting heard, you’ve seen what happens. The populace, particularly those who don’t pay a lot of attention to the political scene, will suddenly think some of this claptrap might be true.

People like Glenn Beck, who is let out of his padded room once a day to do his show, do not have a place in the public discourse. Why? BECAUSE THEY’RE NUTS!!! Read some of his poetry. His poem on meatballs at Ikea was particularly engaging. I didn’t have the heart to read Bat Snot. But the title alone is enough! I think we can also count on significant representation by the religious right on this station. We’ve watched them make inroads in our own government so it can only be expected to become part of the day-to-day operations here.

Until now, Canada has resisted the urge to join the madness going on to the south of us. I can only hope that continues. or at least I can only hope that it is a huge failure.

That hope is tempered by the stupidity our dear Prime Minister has tried to foist upon us and the world (see previous posts on support of torture and issues around our ‘support’ for maternal health at the G8/G20). I truly hope that the license they get requires people to pay for (subscribe) to the station and that it isn’t part of any basic cable packages. Then we’ll get a true sense of how much support there is for that form of ‘newstainment’.

I’ll be talking about this more I’m sure. I’ll leave you with this video link. You can see that Kory Teneycke is a typical right wing pundit. Won’t let people finish their thoughts, just talks over every point and really can’t respond to direct questions. The interview starts around the 18:30 mark of the show.

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