I confessed
It was a blessing
But I wasn’t blessed
I made a mess
Faced the test
I failed

I was sent
Paid the rent
And off I went
But I let you vent
Not a little innocent
I left

Under arrest
I disavowed and dismembered
Every piece of me
I took charge
And the blame not remembered
Done and could be

Caused pain
You called me insane
No way to remain
I sought

Always beyond reach
Your endless speech
Like a leech
Sucked to the breach
Bled dry

I felt the effect
I was direct and clear
What was left of me
I was tossed
By a wave, like the trash
And e’er thankfully

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One Response to Dispossessed

  1. Your poem is like every piece of your broken heart getting its fair share of claim to the story that left it broken. Chopped up in flow, it still conveys the sadness and abandonment. Really a great read.

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