U2: New EP Possible?

An interview with Adam Clayton in the U2 member’s section (I also noticed atu2.com picked this up) indicates that U2 are considering putting out an EP in the short-term based on new songs they are road testing. Here’s the critical part of that interview:

“We’ve been doing some rehearsing, but mainly we’ve been doing recording. That was the one thing that Bono was able to do during his recovery, so we’ve done quite a lot of recording. We’ve got quite a lot of tunes put away and we’re gonna toss a few out into the show and see how they go down. If we could get, I don’t know, maybe four songs into the show, it gives us a chance to get to know the songs better. It gives us a chance to evaluate how they play in front of a crowd and then you know if you’re really, kind of, communicating. So you can kind of tweak them.

“We’re kind of trying to break it up a bit. You know, the idea of doing another big record and going away for a long time doesn’t appeal to us. But the idea of putting out tracks in the show and seeing what happens to them, maybe putting out a little EP at some point — these are all possibilities we’re thinking about.”

Give that we’ve already heard 3 new songs and the possibility of a fourth one coming is amazing!! I’m hoping we get North Star returning to play in Hannover or perhaps Denmark this week!

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