U2: New Album/Single Predictions

In the world of prognostication, I am certainly considered somewhat less than psychic. Especially by me. My track record is mediocre. I am man enough to admit it!

So I take what information is available and I make my best guess based on history, gut and sometimes all-out stupidity! I am a man for the ages!

So what do we have thus far?

We have four new songs, all performed live but unreleased. These four songs are: The Return of the StingRay Guitar, Glastonbury, North Star and Every Breaking Wave.

We have the ever wrong Bono (I must be a kindred spirit) stating they are working four projects. In response we have one Paul McGuiness saying one release. And we have Adam saying maybe an EP.

We have the endless references to Songs of Ascent. We have the original rock sessions with Rick Rubin. We have the, forgive me, laughable dance release. And finally we have the Spiderman broadway epic. I laugh at the dance release simply because the strength of U2 in a club setting is most certainly the remixes done by some masters of the craft not our four Irish lads thumping it out in studio.

I don’t actually believe the Spiderman recording will come out by Bono and Edge. I do believe in the February timeframe that we will see a cast recording and I would be shocked if they released their own version to compete with that. Possible, yes. Likely, I actually hope not. I would love to see them do some of that live though.

Okay. I’ll stop beating around the bush and get to the point. I am more inclined to think we’ll get a full album rather than an EP. And I’m also not convinced that the Songs of Ascent title will stick. Given the age of that title hanging about I’d be stunned if still remained. As titles go, I would love to see Every Breaking Wave as both track and title. It is evocative and lends itself to some amazing cover possibilities.

So here’s the big guess:

Single – radio drop – September 13 – most likely Glastonbury – digital download the next day, free with album purchase.

Album release – November 8 Ireland/UK, Nov 9 North America/Rest of World – hopefully titled Every Breaking Wave

No small animals were harmed in the making of these predictions. Predictor cannot be held liable for any incorrectness or inaccuracy in his attempts into the psychic world.

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3 Responses to U2: New Album/Single Predictions

  1. Wind says:

    What about the U2.com subscriber’s exclusive (oh yeah) CD, which just came out or is coming soon. Maybe Bono was counting that as one of the projects. Just a thought.

  2. Wind says:

    You don’t mess around; all in I’d say. There are two justifications, make that three, that I feel would warrant not leaving yourself any wiggle room on the release dates:

    1. You know for certain, barring acts of God, war, death (God forbid) of any major player, those are the official release dates, confirmed by Principle Management or Island Records.

    2. Both the single and the album were cut prior to the tour resuming earlier this month. Items 1 and 2 can be combined or not.

    3. You chose those dates because…you could; confirming to many the long held suspicion that you’re nutz! But who cares?

    I wouldn’t be disappointed should the title of the album be, Every Breaking Wave. Songs of Ascent, has been kicking around so long it would be a let down if they went with it.

    We’ll see how well I fare psychically, confirmation of which would be wholly at your discretion.

    • larrylootsteen says:

      You’re lucky you added option 3!! It’s fair to say any gloating and or self-mocking that is required will be in the works…

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