U2: Spiderman Turn Off The Dark – Boy Falls From The Sky

Reeve Carney was on Good Morning America this morning performing a song from the new musical. As most everyone knows, the music for this show was written by Bono and The Edge (who introduced the performance). It opens later this year.

Video here (interview then song), lyrics below:

Boy Falls From The Sky:

This is my first cut at the lyrics…please send thoughts!

You can change your mind
But you cannot change your heart
It’s a compass and a map
The key to the chart

I’d be myself
If I knew I’d become
You can fly too high
And get too close to the sun

See how the boy falls from the sky

Not every wanderer
Is lost or far from home
I didn’t have to move so far
To find myself alone

Save, you save yourself
If you even get that right
I used to use a single thread
To cross the sky

And now the eye of the needle
Is your heart denied
The boy falls from the sky


The city conducts a symphony
And such soul trash your melody
A single scrap of dignity
In the junkyard of humanity

To hear the voice inside your head
Listen now to no one else
You know exactly what to do
Believe in me
Believe in you

You take a look at my self esteem
And when you do
When you do

This is absolutely brilliant in the where I fall and how I pick myself up, heart pounding anthem department. I would kill to see this show!!! This will be a classic!

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6 Responses to U2: Spiderman Turn Off The Dark – Boy Falls From The Sky

  1. This will be the unintended comedy smash of Broadway.

  2. crush-monkey says:

    I SO want to go to NYC to see this!
    Trying to talk someone anyone into going with me!

    : )

  3. Ben Rogers says:

    I’m old, in fact I just turned 55 yesterday. I love rock music but pretty much quit liking new artists in the 80s. That is why I was excited this morning on Good Morning America to hear Carney with lead singer Reeve Carney sing that new Spiderman song. This guy and band are really good! Makes me think of the first time I heard Golden Earring, Black Sabbath, and Black Oak Arkansas. There is something really different about their sound that makes you want to hear more. I’ll be looking to buy their CD as soon as possible.

    • larrylootsteen says:

      I’ve heard from several people about this band. Looks like the show should be an absolute killer between Carney and the boys and the insane looking production.

      If you look at the archives for this blog, I moved away from mainstream music and have gotten into alternative, new rock and indie music. Keeps my faith in music alive. I’m 48 so I know where you are coming from!

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