Standing Stone

He’s laid out on the block
A garbage bag coat
Curb for a pillow
Will you walk around?
Step on over?
Or reach out a hand?

She’s hiding in the back row
Long sleeves and high collar
Covering her scars and bruises
Will you look away?
Or just walk away?
Or help her learn to stand?

Who am I?
And what makes me whole?
Can I handle it all alone?
I can be much more
With faith I will be open
To be your standing stone

He’s lost his job
His confidence broken
And let his family down
Will you shake your head?
Or will you lift him up
And help him to succeed

The scars of poverty
Live in those empty eyes
The price of drought and famine
Will you take them in?
Send to those in need?
A moment to pray, that mouth to feed

Who are you?
And what makes you whole?
Can you handle it all alone?
You can be much more
With faith you will be open
To be my standing stone

Become a monument
To those around
And show love’s joy
To that face in the crowd
Be shelter and hope
With a joyful sound
And for every lost soul
Let them know they’re found

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