Ride To California – Paper Tongues


Okay. Regular readers will look at this song and wonder about my mental status. I implore you to give this one some time. Paper Tongues is an outfit from Charlotte, North Carolina. Their music is a bit of a fusion of rock and rap for the most part.

Lyrics here, more below:
40 40 dollars to the man that wanna go
20 20 to the sister with the ticket
At the grocery store
I wish someone would get mine
If you got an extra dollar
Can you lend it to a man who´s poor?

{chorus} 2 verses
I’ve been up but I ain’t down
I’ve been lost but now I´m found
I’ve been defeated for sure and now I got a chance
And the city better let me go

I can’t wait to get a ride to California
Cause it makes sense to go to California
If Hollywood is where it’s at let’s go to California
Cause it makes to sense to go to California
Can I get a ride, no, let’s just go
LA ho got no money sure
If you was me see you would do the same thing you know
So leave your bags at your mama’s door

Going, going, going to the man in the back
Cut the line if you feel me
Let me hear you say it one more time
I´ve set mind to break free
Now my body is getting loose
While I´m sinking like a dancing tree


I really gotta catch that ride
I need to find a place in line
I´m picking up an LA vibe
I really wanna go this time


Interstate freeway green light go
You can even get a plane or a train if the traffic´s slow
I bet you won´t beat me
I´ve been waiting for a mighty long time
So you best believe


(Hey) break free
(Hey) break free
(Hey) break free
(Hey) come go with me
Whoaaa oooo oohhh


So like I said, you need to listen to it. Great beat, great vocals. Play this loud a home or in the car and try NOT to dance and sing and throw yourself into it. I truly love this song. I really hope these guys make a go of it!!

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3 Responses to Ride To California – Paper Tongues

  1. Emmanuel says:

    Aswan North is going to be a superstar. Rare energy. Men like this normally start cults. His enthusiasm is contagious. He could go on stage doing polka and get the crowd into it. His live shows are fantastic because of this and his energy travels through TV and internet.

  2. Smirk says:

    Wow! Never even heard of these guys and they’re in my own backyard.

    I like ’em!

    Thanks for the head-up!

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