U.S. Elections 2010 – What a Recipe

I can’t say there was anything that was terribly surprising about the elections. An angry electorate. A wealth of disinformation. And disinformation about the wealth.

Elections are no longer a season, they are a constant. And now they are sponsored!

Your government, brought to you by whoever paid for all the ads and didn’t have to say. And yes, I approved this message.

The business of elections is all about control. Not of process or programs. Not of legislation and judicial inquiry. It is all about control of you.

You should care if you don’t. You should realize that the messages, from the left, the middle and the right, are designed with purpose. To do anything to confuse the truth is at the heart of it all.

You may ask yourself why? Why?

Because there are few, if any, politicians that actually care about the people in their districts. It’s easy to see that in any bill that is passed. Republicans voting in lock step. Dems are worse at the unity vote but they do what they can to strong arm.

In Canada, it’s the same. The Conservatives always march to a common beat. The Liberals and NDP try but aren’t quite as crazed about it.

So we have people who vote the party agenda no matter what the people who elected them want. We are not part of the process.

And you can say that voting is the only way we can exercise our rights and opinions. But that is getting harder each day and the deluge of information, disinformation and disingenous drivel just makes decisions that much harder for people.

Yeah, I wish everyone cared to investigate. I wish everyone would look at all the crap and ask what’s really going on. But I also know that for so many, that just isn’t possible. Survival makes time for this impossible.

But you should also know that if you are out of work, working 3 jobs or just scraping by for whatever reason, you are likely there because the powers that be behind the power you see have sold you out.

There is no middle class for you to work toward. There is no upper echelon that you will ever likely achieve because the money is going to the few. The jobs are overseas.

That is not Obama’s fault. That is not any individual legislator’s fault. But the fact that all regulation to maintain a way of life in the west has been systematically widdled away so that companies have no reason to pay you. You can clean their floors and scrub their toilets but if you want a good paying job, they are few and far between. And most likely a few thousand miles overseas.

So when you hear me, this no one who likes to spout his mind out, rant and rail against what’s happening it’s because of what this does to all of us.

So next time you see an ad telling you that Joe Blow (apologies to anyone actually named that) from Kokomo (apologies to the fine people of Kokomo) is a coke-head, driving Mexican illegal immigrants across the border to clean up his yard, ask yourself who paid for that ad. Ask yourself if that can be true. Ask yourself if that is the real issue. Ask yourself if the money for that ad came from your fellow citizens or some corrupt company doing whatever they can to get THEIR selection elected.

It’s the only way we can claw back our lives. And believe me, we need to…

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2 Responses to U.S. Elections 2010 – What a Recipe

  1. Wind says:

    It’s all an illusion, darlin. No sense in gettin your feathers ruffled. You’ll live longer and happier the less you pay attention to things you can not fix.

    Did you watch that movie, An Inconvenient Truth; Al Gore’s documentary? Quite an interesting flick if one pays just a bit of attention.

    Hope you’re well.

  2. Cliff Bechard says:

    Very well said, Larry. I LOVE democrocy, but every election-season, I get think more and more, why even bother? The elected officals never seem to truly care about the normal, everyday American. Two political parties, neither with our concerns at heart.
    And neither Party capable to put their polical differences aside and just work as Americans to help this country. Why do I still vote? Sometimes I truly wonder……

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