Spark of Sense

Sitting at a table
Watching as the world crumbles
Wondering how we got here
All stutters and mumbles

I watched a country crumble
And so many had to die
I watch that same country drown
God, is there a reason why?

I watch insanity grow
As truth feels dead or on holiday
The abject lies and feigning anger
Someone else’s beliefs betrayed

I pound my fist on the table
Wishing I could put it through the wall
Screaming at the stupidity
The vileness and evil of it all

I kick at the darkness
But it’s not light that I’m bleeding
This severed and twisted life
While so-called leaders keep bleating

I can’t stand the world we live in
I am so tired of this sickness of cash
Shit, I don’t want power or control
And I’d love to kick the media’s ass

Do we need to burn it?
Flatten it to the ground?
To find a spark of sense
Is there a direction other than down?

I’d like to wipe the slate clean
I’d like to educate the hearts
I’d like to fill every mind
Love and knowledge in equal parts

No one should be manipulated
Tortured or cowed
The hand should be out
Before a shred of pain allowed

Do you ever sit back?
Do you wonder, ponder and pause
At the stunning, glaring, ridiculous
Things we treat as cause?

Do you really care about Mel’s latest rant?
Do you really believe Obama’s not a citizen?
Are the shores of New Jersey so stupid?
Is there a journalist left saying anything?

Do you sit and talk to your kids?
Or just text ‘have a nice day’?
Do you have friends over for dinner?
Or do you just give the neighbours a wave?

There’s a sickness in this world
And we’ve let it happen
Do you know it’s even there?
Someone up there’s laughing

Or are you just someone
That life dealt a bad hand?
And survival is the only thought
As you open the last can?

See, those who have
They have it all
And rest of us think
Maybe, one day, we’ll get the call

If you’re like me and don’t know
How much more you can take
It has to start at home
And do it for your own sake

Start it off small
Say hello to a neighbour
Not a long conversation
Just so they know who you are

Have a garage sale
For the area
Meet a new face
Really, I dare ya!

If you hear that
Someone is struggling
Drop off a meal
To show some understanding

Reality begins at home
Not on some tv show
Electronics should not rule
It’s the face that you should know

A smile is a miracle
An open palm to greet
A word is there for comfort
A laugh is always sweet

House by home
And row by row
Street by road
And outwards it flows

It’s like blood from the heart
Flows out and home again
Love is the answer
The question is when

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2 Responses to Spark of Sense

  1. Wind says:

    I dare you to write a piece about what’s right in the world. Think along the lines of an appreciation list maybe.

    Myself, I appreciate my curious nature; my willingness to dig a little deeper.

    Like attracts like they say. And as my mother used to say, “Erica, negative begets negative; the less you do, the less you will want to do.” She referred to the television as, The Idiot Box. Sadly, the last ten years of her life were spent in front of it after having experienced a catastrophic stroke.

    Anywho, that’s your love dare for the coming week!

    PS…You are loved!!

    • larrylootsteen says:

      I like to think most of my negatives end up in positives. I have written about love. This one shows how change can begin. Life is full of both sides. I rarely plan what I write. This, as they all are, was spontaneous.

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