Precious Distress

Precious distress
In your azure stare
Locking look of disdain
But do I even care?
My silence cause to inflame

Caustic verbal view
Of unreasonable pain
Set to a chorus of screams
My neurons were maimed
On an emotional desert seam

A reading from the book of you
With subtext provided
And rebut misguided
The constructs of love subdue
Irrational, spiritual core
On the well-worn path of hate
Twisted tonic can’t sate
Our brilliant exchanges of scorn

I left you in a moment of spite
Regrettable, forgettable
With stealth you stole away
My sentiment detestable
A transient brocade

To see you through the lens of time
Is an ulcerous, cringing moment
I, so damning and precious
You, just breathing was foment
The footing was treacherous

As I read from the book of me
Broken, artful dodger
A simple devil’s lodger
And you my hell’s queen
Accent on the descent
I can only categorize
But never apologize
A repeat I hope to prevent

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