Breath Me To Life

The cold wind blew
A frigid, swirling darkness
My heart barely beating
Like I never knew

Shallow, listless inhale
Too tired to try
My soul uninspired
The barest needed exhale

I asked because you knew
An empty shell
A life in hell
You knew what I needed
Can you?
Will you?
Breath me to life?

The barest light
A flicker, spark, heat
And I had a chance
A reason to fight

You brought me up to see
Fed me, bled me and so
I knew what it is to feel
And truly wanted to be

Your love shone down upon
Filling the endless void
That was left
Left me bereft
I love you
So glad I let you
Breath me to life

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One Response to Breath Me To Life

  1. Melissa Lootsteen says:

    Dad this poem is beautiful. You are amazing with your words. I didn’t know you could right so well. I love you 🙂

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