U2: Melbourne Australia I Videos

I will update this as I find things today. I’m hoping to get Mercy, Bad and Scarlet at least!




Stingray Guitar/Beautiful Day:

Where The Streets Have No Name:

With Or Without You:



I Still haven’t Found What I’m Looking For:



City of Blinding Lights:

Clip of Miss Sarajevo:

Clip of Sunday Bloody Sunday with Jay-Z:

A little Jay-Z for fun Numb/Encore U2 mention:

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5 Responses to U2: Melbourne Australia I Videos

  1. Wind says:

    I’m not going to blast away at you, Larry, but I have to wonder if the guys irk you, why do you continue to ‘follow’ them? And why should they tailor their set-lists for an ‘audience’ that is not attending the actual shows? I mean, if you were in a wildly successful band, is that what you would do?

    smirkdirk…You’re kidding, right? Maybe, just maybe U2 would like to call it quits, retire, kick back, do a little fishing. God loves The BonBonBoy more than she loves life itself, and she loves life very, very much. And she has a notion that he loves her too. She would be pleased as punch were he to say f**k it, enough is enough, and then come and take her fishing. He doesn’t have to kick the proverbial bucket to do that, and she will even bait his hook for him. Just in case there’s any lingering doubt about whether or not God is the coolest chick around, David, Adam and Larry are more than welcome to join us.
    Happiest of holidays to you both.

  2. larrylootsteen says:

    What would be cool is if they could come up with an indoor version of the claw but not be so tied to the ‘production’. It’s a tough call because the theatrics are amazing. And most people don’t follow the band night after night so they are most likely not aware of what they played last night, last week or last month. For us that follow that crap, it gets boring. There has to be some middle ground where they prep 50 songs and rotate through 23/24/25 each night. Don’t know if we’ll ever see that…

  3. smirkdirk says:

    Even though it’ll never happen, they really need to take a break from With or Without You. It’s one of my favorite songs and I don’t think Bono has actually sung it with any real effort or passion since the Popmart tour. It actually irks me to here him stumble through the verses almost in a speaking voice rather than actually singing.

    • larrylootsteen says:

      I hadn’t thought about that but I do see what you are saying. When that song was released it was one of those ‘oh wow’ songs. I would actually like if they trashed much of the setlist. I’m so sick of Beautiful Day I could spit. I Still Haven’t Found, Sunday Bloody Sunday (with the exception that I like the new life Jay-Z added to it), Elevation and Vertigo can all take a break. Nothing wrong with the songs and I understand the need for hits but it is sad to follow tour after tour and the only thing we have to get excited about is two or three songs.

      I’m going to utter the ultimate blasphemy here too. As much as I love Where the Streets Have No Name and it is generally the highlight moment for crowd energy, I would not be upset if it wasn’t played. I really wish they would take a chance. Pull a Pearl Jam play anything on any given night.

      Blast away everyone!! Tell me off!

      • smirkdirk says:

        It would be interesting if they did a play whatever type tour. The Elevation tour was hailed a getting-back-to-the-music type thing, and had they followed through with that promise, the play-whatever set-list is what should have happened.

        U2 mounts these actual “productions” which I thoroughly enjoy, but with that comes the need to pre-plan the setlist to go along with the theatrics. Perhaps sometime in the future, possibly when they are actually “old” – like 60’s and 70’s – and due to age actually need to sit in one place, they will do something like that.

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