I Am Pissed At U2

There. I said it. And I am. I am pissed at U2.

For those of you who have read my posts over the years, you know I am not a fawning, blubbering ‘oh my gawd they’re perfect’ U2 fan.

I was truly looking for something to be delivered to us by now. I actually expected it.

And now I know a lot of you would say ‘Larry, come on, how is this anything new’. I know. Why would I hold U2 to any kind of release schedule? They have historically been mind-numbingly slow at getting material out. What right do I have to be surprised NOW?

It really isn’t about their historical snail’s pace of getting the material just right.

We get teased by a raft of new songs live. We get this dribble of numbered vinyl Wide Awake in Europe. So explain this to me. Vinyl is vinyl. Numbered is limited. So why couldn’t this be released before Christmas as a download only with or without (don’t say it) a cd?

With the apparent raft of material they have, a Christmas gift to the fans would have been great. With the cancellation (don’t be picky – it was a cancellation and reschedule – not a delay) of the North American leg because of Bono’s injury, it would have been nice to give all us loyal fools just a little taste of what’s to come.

Am I out to lunch on this? Am I wrong?

See, I have been annoyed before. I have been disappointed on occasion. But I always knew what I was dealing with and accepted it. For whatever reason, this time is really getting to me.

And you know what? I think it’s a fair criticism. We’ve got a new album coming. The May date better be wrong. February or March better be the target. We’ve got cast recordings from Spiderman to look forward to. And one day maybe I’ll actually believe that U2 will put out a club release (hahahahahahahahha that is so ridiculous). Yeah, U2 performing Dave Guetta channeling The Clash remixed by Blue Man Group!

Why couldn’t Mercy have been a radio release off an EP? And from a business perspective, a pre-Christmas release could have generated some serious coin and interest in what’s coming.

So flame away. Does anyone feel the same? Am I a lone wolf in a pack of rabid lemmings?

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7 Responses to I Am Pissed At U2

  1. crush-monkey says:

    I am not sure how I missed this!
    Thought I checked your blog at least every other day!

    Wide Awake in Europe should’ve been put on iTunes.

    New Album should’ve been ready right about NOW!

    Additional tour dates should be announced all at once not in drips!

    Larry you have brought up some good points.

    But, when our irish boys return to North America in 2011 I will forget this! LOL

    • larrylootsteen says:

      Clearly my pissiness doesn’t quite fall into the category of world hunger or anything truly important. I just thought I had a right to expect a little more. I’m not sitting here sweating it, that’s for sure!

      Thanks for being a regular! It means a lot!

  2. larrylootsteen says:

    Ahhh, Dirk, Dirk, Dirk! I was actually looking for a digital download!

    The problem with my rushing out to buy the latest in 33 1/3, 45 and 78 rpm technology is that I CAN’T GET THAT RELEASE HERE IN CANADA!! I also expect all 5,000 copies sold pretty quickly!

    But thanks as always for playing!

  3. Andy says:

    That’s a good point. I agree it seems like we should have at least had a studio release of Mercy by Christmas.

  4. Andy says:

    I feel your pain Larry.
    Would have been really nice to have something more by now.
    However, I don’t see how they realistically could have had time to put much together. The tour takes up a lot of time. It doesn’t make much sense to be hopping back and forth between tour and studio. If I were on tour, I’d want to take it easy between gigs.

    • larrylootsteen says:

      Hey Andy. But the reality is they did release something. They could have just put that out in other formats and I would have been okay with that. As much as I’d expected an album by now, they could have easily released Wide Awake In Europe a week or two after the vinyl so they could have their own time with it. Having Mercy on the radio before Christmas would have been great. They had a big break between Europe and NZ/Aus. No question they were in the studio. And how many times have they recorded on the road? I can’t count.

      • smirkdirk says:

        The problem is that your waiting for old fashioned CDs. CD’s are so over. They’re like the 8-tracks of the new millennium. Technology is a little more advanced at this point and as you know U2 have always been on the cutting edge of technology whether that be giant videoscreens, 3d movies, or what have you. Get with 20-teens already, Larry, and buy one of them new-fangled record players!

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