Christmas in Spain?

Thanks to…I think!

I’m thinking we may need a caption contest on this one! I have no idea why this would appear in a mall in Catalonia…
Update: I was sent this blurb by a buddy of mine – see below the picture!

This is the bad boy of Catalan navitivy scenes as “El Caganer” literally means “The crapper” or “the shitter” This is a an elf or gnome like figure wearing the traditional Catalan red cap, the barretina, and with his trousers down, his backside bare, defecating somewhere in the nativity scene! His origins are a bit murky, but apparently he has been dropping his britches to “fertilize the earth” since the middle of the 19th century at least. He is a very popular fellow and brings good luck. He can be seen in in many forms and public figures have the honour of being portrayed with their pants down at Christmas. The new Caganer figures for 2010 include FC Barcelona’s new star David Villa, Real Madrid coach José Mourinho and the Michael Jackson. The models are all handmade and cost from 5-20 euros per figure depending on size.

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4 Responses to Christmas in Spain?

  1. Smirk says:

    Nice. The holding of the candy cane is such a nice touch. As well as holding onto the tope of the tree to keep his balance. Who’s needs toilet paper, right?

  2. Mia says:

    Where do ya get this stuff!!!?

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