Jon Stewart – Hero At Large

I wanted to post this sooner but ran out of time. Watch this and read on:

So the poor schmucks who went in to save lives by going into the fire on 9/11 could go die (and many have without paid health care) as far as the Republicans were concerned. Yes, the trash bags who for the Bush’s 8 years in office said everything 9/11 was sacred ran around denying those in need from 9/11. There are no words. My level of disgust is well beyond politics.

Here’s a great commentary from Young Turks:

And rightly so, the man who denies being a real newsman…the man who claims to be just a comedian…a man who loves his city and spoke so brilliantly after 9/11, makes it happen. His work. His love. His interview. His commentary. They all brought the Fox and the Repugs to their knees. Why? Because he’s the only one who doesn’t buy into the rhetoric. He’s the only one that tears the wall of shit down day in and day out. He will mock anyone’s stupidity, right or left. And who else managed to make this bill happen? He deserves and has received accolades from the first responders. The only shame is that voters will likely never hear about this in the next election. It should be front and center.

So yes, Jon Stewart is a hero to me. And yes, Jon Stewart is one of the 5 people I’d like to meet in heaven. And yes, Jon Stewart is someone I’d like to have at a dinner of my most respected and interesting people of all time. And apparently, someone thinks he is the latest Edward R. Murrow.

Check out the New York Times article here.

A friend of mine suggested Obama give Jon a medal so he can shove it in the faces of all those hypocritical pricks who voted against this and then had to back pedal in the face of outrage that should never have been required. Jon Stewart, Congressional Medal of Honor. Sounds good to me!

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