By Tomorrow – Black Tambourine


Okay, so I heard this song a few times recently and couldn’t get it out of my head. So, I had no idea it was from 1991. Sounds like it could have been today. The great thing about a lot of music is the weird timing you find it. Twenty years later? Yeah, I guess I’m a bit slow!

Lyrics here, more below:
Do just what you want to
But keep in mind if you do
I’ll be gone
By tomorrow
If you don’t leave her
I’m a ghost

Sleep with who you want to
But if it’s not me
Then I won’t be here to see
By tomorrow
Sleep with me or
I’m a ghost

Do what makes you happy
But I won’t stay here
As long as you make me sad
By tomorrow
If you don’t love me
I’m a ghost

This is one of those song styles I love. Musically it has that quiet kind of vocalization that makes you wonder if you’ll get bored. Then you get a sudden crescendo and it just adds a depth and meaning to it all. I’m not going to decipher the lyrics. They are painfully simple and yet have a great cadence that adds to the feeling of it.

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