U2: Johannesburg, South Africa Videos

I will update this page as I find things.

I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For (with Hugh Masekela):

Better clip of Hugh Masekela:

With Or Without You:

With or Without You/Moment of Surrender:

Sunday Bloody Sunday:

Clip of Until The End Of The World:

Clip of Pride:

Another clip of Pride:

Pride – from u2.com:

Clip of Streets:

Clip of I’ll Go Crazy:

Clip of Miss Sarajevo:

End of City if Blinding Lights, Beginning of Elevation:

Clip of Elevation:

Clip of U2 walking out:

Clip of City of Blinding Lights:

Various clips across the show:

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6 Responses to U2: Johannesburg, South Africa Videos

  1. WillisLat says:

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  2. Dee says:

    Great vids of Johannesburg. Thanks for posting.

  3. Keutgen Cathérine says:

    Dear Larry,

    Thanks a lot for your videos!
    My favourite one is “Glastonburry” from Bono’s earpiece you posted a few weeks ago!
    I was wondering if you had a good version of North Star, which I think is a great song!
    I’m looking forward to hearing U2’s new album, I really hope it’s coming out in May!

    Thank you for everything!

  4. crush-monkey says:

    I knew where to find some videos!
    Thank you! : )

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