Just Beyond My Reach

As I wander in a haze
Trying to make sense of it all
Heart pounding out apace
Waiting for a call

I can feel but can’t see
Want but cannot reach
Stretched to the very limit
Crack the code they cannot teach

I sense but lack the sight
I feel but can’t embrace
Fueling my flight of fancy
I am gone without a trace

So I stop and set in quiet
A zen-like peaceful mode
And focus my energy inward
And pray I will be told

The mist does come, surrounds me
A twilight question on my lips
The course I stay confuses
I cannot come to grips

I run, on and on, in fear
I am lost, I cannot find
My want and my need confound
In the dark, alone and blind

I stumble onto bended knee
A wraith’s wail escapes my throat
“Why you bastard, why?”, I cry
But I sense no glee nor gloat

My arms stretched wide
I am blown by hurricaine
The screams escape unbidden
As all that’s left is insane

I plunge headlong in anger
Till I cannot take a further step
Collapsed on my back, so futile
A soiled and saddened wreck

A whisper lit upon my ear
Was it real or just imagined?
Do I listen and do I answer?
Or pretend it never happened?

It seems I always end up here
Sodden and weary on the beach
Trying ever to find a way to grasp
What is just beyond my reach

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