Sun News Network – Conservative Extremism

So I’ve made no bones about my feelings for Stephen Harper, his government and the extremes of conservatism south of the border. I would, perhaps surprisingly, say that conservative policies have a place in all politics. Please note that is small ‘c’ conservative. Not the Conservative Party, the GOP or the Republicans. There is a place to be conservative.

I’ve also made no bones about my feelings towards Fox News. Their outrageous ‘opinions’ and smear tactics are the worst of conservatism, the worst of news and the worst of America all rolled into one.

Watch this ad from the soon to arrive Sun News Network Canada:

Did you catch every blasted right-wing ideal all rolled up in a very short ad? Welcome to Canada’s latest attempt, a long goal of Prime Minister Harper, to bring America home to roost. Conveniently in the middle of a federal election, this right-wing nightmare arrives. Blowing fear and ignorance up our collective Canadian asses.

Let’s review:
The Elites Don’t Speak for Us – I wonder how many people know that Stephen Harper is the son of an oil executive. I wonder if they know he grew up in Toronto and lived in one of its richest neighbourhoods. I wonder if they know he has two degrees from one of the top ten universities in Canada. I wonder. Is Stephen Harper one of the elites that doesn’t speak for them?

My Opinion Matters – Of course it does. And if your opinion is wrong, misguided, ill-informed, should you maintain it? I for one like to listen to all sides and form my opinions based on facts. I wonder if Sun News will give opinions from the left and the center if they are proved correct.

Tax Dollars Are Being Wasted – Yes they are! Including the current government. Do you really believe that would stop under a Stephen Harper majority? hahahahahahahhahaha

We Love Our Country – Really? Implying what? That anyone who disagrees doesn’t? We’ve seen this one south of the border. Opinion = fact. Agree or you aren’t a patriot. No words can spout the illness that this statement brings.

Let’s Move Forward – So does that mean we aren’t moving forward with Stephen Harper as Prime Minister? Form your own opinion there!!

The World Is A Dangerous Place – Ohhhh yes!! We should all live in fear, right? We should build up our military to fight all comers (never mind the waste of tax dollars – see above). We should build super prisons to house those sick dangerous freaks on every corner (I’m guessing that will include gays, lesbians and anyone who supports a woman’s right to choose). Wow, I’m sitting in a corner turning lights on and off as we speak!!

Political Correctness Has Run Amok – Now that may be true in some respects but I’m wondering if we’ll see this as an excuse to bad-mouth Muslims, gays, immigrants. Time will tell!

Our Media Doesn’t Get It – Soooo are you saying you don’t either?? I wonder if they’ll come up with some news catch phrases or just stick with the Palinesque ‘lamestream media’. Not expecting anything new here. I am however figuring they’ll label all the other networks as Liberal supporters who don’t have a clue. And any word of support for Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff will be used as ammunition. Lord knows it’s either all wrong or it’s all wrong!

It’s Time For A Change – Ohhhh shit!! Obama is running for PM???? I want to see his Canadian passport and birth certificate!! Now!

We’re On Your Side – Really? Even if I’m an elitist, left leaning, spender who doesn’t live in fear??? Wow, I had no idea!!

It’s no mistake that this station is launching in the middle of our federal election. What better time to hit the airwaves and try to influence the results with propaganda and extreme opinions presented as fact and news.

I’m sure they will come out of the gate hard attacking the Liberals and trying to establish themselves with some over-the-top rhetoric to make sure we are all outraged at the tactics. I hope everyone recognizes that the more we talk about their craziness, the more exposure they will get.

All I can do is ask. I ask that Canadians recognize what is coming. I ask that Canadians, and everyone, everywhere, pay attention to what is said and decide for yourself what is real, what is truth and what matters.

At the end of the day, the truth does matter. Facts are facts. They are not opinion, questionable, twistable or wrong. So if Sun News Network comes out as expected, please make sure you let your feelings be known. Make sure you talk about what is real, what is honest. And let’s not let the worst of America become the norm in Canada.

Oh and if anyone cares to disagree, please feel free to comment (if you agree as well!). But engage me in conversation. Don’t call me out and disappear. I would love a healthy discussion on this. If you comment, I will respond. I hope you will return the favour.

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4 Responses to Sun News Network – Conservative Extremism

  1. Peter Freeman says:

    I just watched the video of the Krista Erickson “interviewing” Margie Gillis at I was appalled at the way it was conducted. I felt that it crossed a line regarding ethics to which broadcasters must comply. Are the CRTC watching this?

    The hypocrisy with which she attacked Margie Gillis for receiving taxpayer funded grants of $1.2M over some 13 years to represent Canada by performing around the world. Meanwhile, Krista Erickson was dating Lee Ricardson, the MP for Calgary Southeast and Krista and “is registered as the designated trav­eller for the MP, which means she is entitled to re­ceive flights paid for by tax­payers” (Wikipedia). I am appalled that this is occurring in Canada.

    • larrylootsteen says:

      Wow! Not exactly surprising. I expect we will see much more like this as the network continues to try and find areas that they can use to make people be outraged at their own reporting. It is exactly what Fox News does and it is the very reason I will not watch this station. I have not and will not watch Fox News nor Fox News North.

  2. Auntie Pam says:

    this is from tom. i’m really glad to see your passionate stance. it reminds me so much of my attitudes in my ‘salad days’ . it’s always so important to keep an eye on events as they unfold, especially since they seem to unfold with such rapidity in this ‘modern world’. it must be an eon since our encounter as teacher/student (so to speak).i really miss Harry-he had a part to play in ‘modern history ‘ ,and i will never forget what he shared with me . your dad and i were (, and are still , in a real sense ) , far apart in our interpretation of the world situation,. i really believe now that what counts is having a position, and sticking to it ——so go on !

    • larrylootsteen says:

      Pam and Tom! Thanks for the thoughts. Yes, my dad always had a voice. I’m sure you wonder (not!) where mine came from! I loved that you had such a wonderful relationship. I know he treasured that time as well. And soap box or not, everyone has their opinion. I would love to continue that tradition with you but distance is a wee problem! Just know I appreciate everything you’ve done and continue to do. And anytime you feel like sharing, don’t hesitiate!!

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