U2: Sao Paulo Brazil II Videos

As always, i will update as I find things…


Zooropa with City of Blinding Lights:

Out Of Control:

North Star:

Even Better Than The Real Thing:


I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For:

I’ll Go Crazy If Don’t Go Crazy Tonight:

Miss Sarajevo:

With Or Without You:


One/Where The Streets Have No Name:



Get On Your Boots:

Clip of One:

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2 Responses to U2: Sao Paulo Brazil II Videos

  1. Carolina Lisboa says:

    Maybe it’s just an impression, but my ears tell me that the videos I and II of the song Where the Streets Have No Name are the same, but shot in driffrent angles. Listen to the end of the song in both videos and compare how Bono sings it. I was there on april 9 just below the light guy on the highest seat at the back part of the stage and I remember Bono and Edge singing to us that night, but you know… too much emotion, maybe I’m wrong. Anyway…I loved that you’ve already posted them. This site is awsome!

    • larrylootsteen says:

      You could be right! I always try and select videos that have the dates so I know they’re different. But sometimes if it is long enough after the show ended I may not notice. If I get a chance, I’ll double check and find the right one!! Thanks for seeing that. Sounds like you had an amazing experience!!

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