Earth: Home Is Where The Hurt Is

I often sit and wonder. I wonder how things got this bad. Moreover I wonder WHY things are this way.

We live in this world where the one thing we need to take care of more than any other is the thing we abuse the most. We act like it isn’t important. We act like we can fix it. Tomorrow. Some day.

Makes you wonder doesn’t it? How did our responsibility become something we can just pass down to the next generation. To our own children. And theirs.

I’m not talking about debt. I’m not talking about some stupid political game.

I’m talking about this planet we live on. I’m talking about home.

Everything we do today is at odds with home. Do you fill your house with carbon emissions? Do you pile trash in the living room? Do you drill for oil in your kids bedroom? Do you dump toxins in the water you put in a glass. Do you put dozens of tanning/heat lamps around the house?

No you say?

Sure you do. No matter how much you take care of that little space you live in. No matter how manicured your lawn, how scrubbed your floors, how air-conditioned your summers, you still do all those horrible things. We all do.

We sell our very souls on a daily basis. For comfort, for ease. We are lazy. Apathetic. Oh, someone else will take care of it. It’s too hard. Why bother?

The truly laughable and yet so intrinsically sad a statement is that politicians both deny the issue exists on one side and in the same breath manage to tell us it is too expensive to fix! This home of ours is hurting. What are you going to do about it?

Now I’m not going to preach about using green technologies. You know you should. And if you can afford to, just do what you can. Too many of us cannot afford to change our ways of life. But all of us can simplify. All of us can recycle. We can buy local when it can be at a reasonable price.

But the main thing we can do is talk about it. Make it mean something. And when I say talk, I mean talk. To each other, to the businesses that take our money, to politicians. When enough of us expect something, it can happen.

This will not be an easy fight. We’ve already seen that everything green has become a commodity. We can see that everything from low power bulbs to hybrid and electric cars all cost more. Why? Because this is not about saving the planet. It’s about green. As in cold hard cash. Environmentalism has become a business model. And we wonder why everyone has not gone to the model of market driven life. Seen the gas prices? Guess what, it won’t get cheaper going green. We are nothing if not stupid to the core.

One day we will recognize everything that is wrong. I just wonder if we’ll be able to recover. Will we annihilate ourselves before we can save ourselves? I wish I could say no and mean it. Unfortunately, I can’t. And I wonder what kind of world our children will inherit. I can only see an ugly future without some awareness and some pressure from the little guy. That’s us by the way.

Thinking has become somewhat of a difficult thing for so many. The 500 channel universe of banality is no help. Turn the damn idiot box off and your phone, Ipad, iPod and computers. Take a good hard look at what is going on around you and then look farther. It isn’t hard to see the abuses. And it isn’t hard to see that our governments are completely unwilling. The corporate control of our lives has no interest in anything other than money. We need to let them know that without us, that will dry up. They just want you to busy yourselves with stupidity television and the endless distractions around us.

So all I can ask is that you think about it. Then talk about it. Ask questions and don’t let one answer be enough. Find details and make an informed decision. It won’t be easy but you will not regret it.

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