Barbed, Wired

The tearing was the first sign
A ripping, shredding menace
That left me dazed
And more than a little displaced

I was scarred and jarred
Wanting to know why
No idea where to start or try
I wept with abandon

A gaping hole appeared
A wrenched and wretched maw
I was pouring out and in
Screaming, gurgling, bloody stream

I asked God why
And He pulled it tighter
I raged for absolution
An end, a solution
Wrapping me round
Pain the only sound
Taut and penetrating
I was barbed, wired

I pulled at my prison
With a reckless abandon
Ripping at random
The bits of me flew

I only wanted peace
An end to this tragic role
Self disturbed and hurt absorbed
I was the mole to my own story

Wanting an escape
Death was an easy out
Not an easy decision
Just the only one in view

Dusty white orbs in hand
I set the wheels in potion
My grip was as sure
As the pronged rope that held me
A hand reached out
And held me down
Leaving me unsure and desperate
I remain barbed, wired

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