U2: Poem Read Before Beautiful Day in Denver

Last night in Denver, U2 (actually Bono, with a female fan), just before Beautiful Day, recited a poem. I spent some time deciphering the words and finally tracked it down. It is called The Garden by Susie Kerin (1870-1952), who moved to Colorado from the Dakotas. It is from a published work called Poems of Sunny Colorado.

Update: In a fit of irony, turns out the woman who read the poem saw this post and contacted me. She provided a picture of the sheet with the poem. Here it is (thanks Lisa!!):

Poem read by Lisa and Bono in denver

The Garden
Near the mountains
Is a lovely garden
Denver, beauteous
Haven of the west
Through her welcome arch
The tired tourist
Finds an oasis
Of peace and rest

In this garden
There is always sunshine
Happiness, good will
And blessings are rare
Rising in a cloud of benediction
To descend in frangrance
Through the air

May all those who wander
Through this garden
Breathe this air
From yonder snow capped crest
And enjoy
Each happy restful hour
And the sun sinks
In the golden west

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7 Responses to U2: Poem Read Before Beautiful Day in Denver

  1. Lisa Flynn says:

    Hi guys..NO it was NOT planned! I swear! Right before I was pulled on stage Bono said., “where are my three sisters?”…then he said…”You in the Larry Mullen Band..Come here…” I was thinking…”oh cool…he’s bringing three sisters on stage…then I got pulled up…However…I found out that at the SLC show…he did pull three sisters on stage…so I think THAT was planned, but at the rehearsals in Denver the night before…he only brought up one girl…??Not sure…but I think the girls in SLC were planned…and my stint was planned with just one girl…I just didn’t know it. 🙂 I was the lucky one I guess 🙂 Amazing and super fantastic experience…will never forget it. I hope in 10 years my 9 month old will get a kick out of it. 🙂

  2. laurajones143@hotmail.com says:

    I very much appreciate this post. I was at this concert and wondered what that poem was. Best from a fellow U2 fan in Missoula, Montana

  3. larrylootsteen says:

    Obviously planned! Especially since they did a different poem in Salt Lake the next show! Thanks again Lisa! So kind f you to pass the scan of the sheet along.

    • Lisa Flynn says:

      No problem Larry! Btw…I LOVE your Toronto poem 🙂

      • larrylootsteen says:

        Thanks Lisa!! I think my wish that it be read has been demolished by some quirky little space station video! I mean really, go figure!! Commander of the ISS or me…how could I lose? hahahahhaha

  4. Smirkdirk says:

    So, I’m guessing this was a planned thing and not spontaneous? Details, details my intrepid reporter!

  5. Smirkdirk says:

    Very Cool! – Lucky lady!

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