Spiderman Turn Off The Dark Soundtrack

The cast recording will be released on June 14, 2011. The first single, Rise Above 1, is available now on iTunes and Amazon. You can pre-order the album on Amazon.com.

Here’s the cover:
Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark

Here is the track listing:
1. NY Debut (Instrumental)
2. Boy Falls From the Sky
3. Rise Above 1 – Reeve Carney Featuring Bono And The Edge
4. Picture This
5. I Just Can’t Walk Away (Say It Now)
6. Bouncing Off the Walls
7. Pull the Trigger
8. No More
9. DIY World
10. If The World Should End
11. Sinistereo
12. A Freak Like Me Needs Company
13. Rise Above 2
14. Turn Off the Dark

Reeve Carney

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5 Responses to Spiderman Turn Off The Dark Soundtrack

  1. poppyany says:

    please can you sort out the lyrics with this link?

    thank very very much for advance.

  2. Pingback: U2: Bono, Edge, Spiderman Cast on Idol – Rise Above | Larry Lootsteen's Blog

  3. larrylootsteen says:

    That’s a fair enough statement. I would love that as well. However I have no issue with hearing the stage versions as well. Always makes a good contrast!

  4. Smirkdirk says:

    Can I be the first to say that I wish I could get the Bono/Edge only version of these songs, especially after that rousing live version of “Boy Falls From the Sky” from Coimbra. Bah-Humbug.

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