Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall – Coldplay

This is the first single from Coldplay’s next release. Listen here (official):

Lyrics here, more below:
I turn the music up
I got my records on
I shut the world outside
Until the lights come on

Maybe the streets alight
Maybe the trees are gone
I feel my heart start beating
To my favorite song

And all the kids they dance
All the kids all night
Until Monday morning
Feels another life

I turn the music up
I’m on a roll this time
And heaven is in sight

I turn the music up
I got my records on
From underneath the rubble
Sing a rebel song

Don’t want to see another
Generation drop
I’d rather be a comma
Than a full stop

Maybe I’m in the black
Maybe I’m on my knees
Maybe I’m in the gap
Between the two trapezes

But my heart is beating
And my pulses start
Cathedrals in my heart

As we saw this light
I swear you emerge blinking into
To tell me it’s alright

As we soar, woes
Every siren is a symphony
And every tear’s a waterfall

Is a waterfall, ah
Is a waterfall, ah
Is always a waterfall
Every tear is always a waterfall, ah

So you can hurt
Hurt me bad
But still I’ll raise the flag

It was a waterfall
A waterfall

Every tear
Every tear
Every teardrop is a waterfall

Now, I’m not going to lie. I don’t love this song after several listens. maybe I had higher hopes from the band and Brian Eno. I am wondering if this song is a leftover from Viva La Vida. It sounds very similar in style though there are nuances to the song that I really like. The drums at the end really stood out in my mind.

Now the song lyrics I can get more into. I love the vision of the song taking hold and shutting out the world. And I love that he turns it into trying to find the balance between ignoring the madness all around and actually doing something. The fear of losing another generation to this craphole we find ourselves in. So many lost and unable to see the manipulations and abuse that is heaped upon us daily. The feeling like we’re hanging between ignorance and knowledge, peace and war, heaven and hell. And the tears. The people, suffering, everywhere. They fall in torrents and we sit here and ignore it, like it doesn’t affect us. But is does. You can feel it. Turn the reality shows off and look around. You can feel that ache inside. And you know that right now at least, no Liberal, Conservative, Republican nor Democrat is willing to step up and actually, honestly discuss the issues.

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