Is Us

No one would blame you
For looking at the world
Through those tinted shades

The glare and the stench
Of corruption and sickness
Invade in every way

When money means more
Than life over death
In this planetary corporation

You know you’ll get burned
By some sadistic call
Just call it job evaporation

Women’s rights be damned
Education lessons lessened
And the welfare state grows

Politicos run by lobbies
Jails now make money
And it’s all so critical, you know

If you sit on your fat ass
And wait for them to make it right
You know that all you are gonna get
From left and right is a fight
The only ones who can change this
To stop this runaway bus
Are the ones most affected by it
Is us
Is us

The world my parents grew up in
Looks like a tv show
One income families no longer exist

Imagine a house and vacation
Every single year
That life is now a myth

A time when God was left
To wait at government’s door
Has become the joke of the ages

Separate church and state?
In this fine Christian nation
Frothing loons just bleeding on the pages

Hand to your neighbour?
Love your fellow man?
Not in this millenium

The question is
Whether this can change
And the direction of the pendulum

Can we foster change?
Not speechified but real
Can we make it better?
And get some sort of fair deal
We alone control our fate
We, alone can unite this
The only ones to demand what’s right
Is us
Is us

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One Response to Is Us

  1. abichica says:

    very nice poem.. 😀

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