U2 At Glastonbury 2011 – A Few Thoughts

First of all, WOWOWOWOWOWOWOOW!! What a great setlist!

It was nice to see U2 being U2 and not the band under the Claw. Also, a little sad there was no baby claw…awwwwww. Didn’t matter.

I thought they were more fired up, less perfect, more emotional, more working their asses off.

Don’t get me wrong, they always put on a good show. This was just a lot less produced. And I think in listening to them talk after the show (video is at the botom of this page), they had some genuine fear on how the audience would respond. Bono really got into the songs and despite not being able to run because of all the rain, I felt like he was on fire. The whole band was pumped up.

Funny too, those flags which were cool were also annoying at times.

Absolutely loved ending on Out of Control.

Minor disappointment in they did not perform Glastonbury at Glastonbury. I mean what the fuck is up with that? I thought it was a great opportunity lost. Perhaps the fear of playing an unknown song overtook them. Of course I think it was TV On The Radio performed something from their next album. It is a festival…should have gone for it!!

So great to hear Bad. Nice that Bono threw in some Jerusalem along the way.

I loved the new images they used to start the show. Really added something, at least in my mind. I kept thinking the butterflies represented them being reborn at Glastonbury. Beautiful and moving.

Please share your thoughts…

Band interview after performing:

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2 Responses to U2 At Glastonbury 2011 – A Few Thoughts

  1. larrylootsteen says:

    The crowd was definitely there to party with the band. What a night!

  2. crush-monkey says:

    Just awesome!!! I was watching on the feed yesterday and was loving every second!

    When the crowd sang along with ‘I Still Haven’t Found’ it was amazing because Glasto is such a diverse crowd!

    I was worried (selfishly) about the rain too since i didn’t want any injuries for the band! Toronto is my last show this time around! : )

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