U2: Achtung Baby Rerelease – I’m Disgusted – Updated 5

Update 5:  Guess what, u2.com has REMOVED the word remastered.  Yes, it must be true after all.  Does anyone, anywhere with the band care to explain why the story keeps changing.  This is beyond stupid and unprofessional.  You can see for yourself by clicking the package details link a few lines down.

Update 4: New price list from u2.com update on Oct 5, 2011
Super Deluxe: $167.95US
Uber: $469.95US
Vinyl Box: $119.95
Deluxe 2CD: $ 29.95
Standard 1CD: $ 13.95

Details on all packages here.

Update 3:  Someone on interference.com asked Universal Music via their ‘ask questions’ page about the remastering.  Here is their response:

Universal Music Issue Resolved: (UMDS-47380) Product enquiry

Hi Nick

Thanks for your message.

We can confirm that both albums are the original not re-mastered versions.

Kind Regards

Universal Music Direct Support Team

I can honestly say I have never been so confused about a release.  Amazon is showing remaster.  But nothing in the original information indicated it was remastered (nor Zooropa).  And lots of people are saying it was recorded in digital but I don’t think that’s true.  I will try and confirm. (Updated – I can confirm that AB was indeed recorded in analogue, not digital – which begs the question – why – if they didn’t remaster).

Update 2: It looks like the music has indeed been remastered after all! Good news and makes me feel somewhat better. It appears Amazon has changed their pricing as well. So at least the lowest options have something new to them! Thanks Joe for the information (see link in the comments section below).
So I just got another e-mail from U2.com which linked me to the Universal Music store. I have updated the prices below. I will keep the original prices I got from Amazon there for reference.

I still wonder about why they didn’t bother to remaster the music. Just seems odd. Ran out of time? Decided they wanted out for the 20th anniversary and with the tour, just couldn’t? Who knows. Major disappointment anyway.

Okay, it wasn’t without some measure of excitement that I opened my e-mail from u2.com tonight and saw the pre-sale information on the deluxe reissue of Achtung Baby. Achtung Baby and Zooropa really defined U2 for me even though I had been a fan much, much longer.

I knew I would never be able to afford the box sets but I was hoping for some decent goodies in the bottom pricing. I was hoping the new documentary would be included in all the pricing levels. I was hoping maybe Zooropa might be available as well.

So here’s the various packages. I went to the preorder pages on Amazon.com to get the prices:

Five physical editions of the anniversary edition of Achtung Baby will be available alongside digital only editions.

1. A limited, numbered Uber Deluxe Edition is a magnetic puzzle tiled box which will contain: 6 CDs including the original Achtung Baby album, the follow-up album, Zooropa, B-sides, remixes and re-workings of previously unheard material recorded during the Achtung Baby sessions. 4 DVDs including ‘From The Sky Down’, ‘Zoo TV:Live From Sydney’, all the videos from Achtung Baby plus bonus material. There will also be the Achtung Baby double vinyl album plus 5 clear 7″ vinyl singles in their original sleeves, 16 art prints taken from the original album sleeve, an 84-page hardback book, a copy of Propaganda magazine, 4 badges, a sticker sheet, and a pair of Bono’s trademark ‘The Fly’ sunglasses.
Pre-order Amazon: [UK | US] 385 pounds (US price not listed)
Updated Universal Music Store: 275 pounds ($450 USD)
Updated Amazon Canada price $308 CAD

2. The Super Deluxe Edition will contain the 6CDs and 4 DVDs, in addition to a 92 page hardback book and 16 art prints in a wallet.
Pre-order Amazon: [UK | US] 105.99 pounds (US price not listed)
Updated Universal Music Store: 75 pounds ($123 USD)
Updated Amazon Canada price $115.99

3. The Vinyl Box Set is a limited release containing 4 LPs, two of which are pressed on translucent blue vinyl containing remixes and B-sides. The box includes a 16 page booklet. No prices listed
Pre-order Amazon: not available
Updated Universal Music Store: 55 pounds ($90 USD)
Updated Amazon Canada price $159.99

4. The Deluxe Edition is a 2xCD set containing the reissue of the original album plus B-sides and rarities.
Pre-order Amazon: [UK | US] $35.49 US
Updated Universal Music Store: 12.99 pounds ($21 USD)

5. The Standard CD is the original album.
Pre-order Amazon: [UK | US] $32.99 US
Updated Universal Music Store: 9.99 pounds ($16 USD)

So the pricing looks a lot more reasonable here now. I really think it is unfortunate, given the remasters of all the previous re-releases, that they didn’t bother with this one. Despite the ongoing question of whether The Joshua Tree or Achtung Baby is the greatest of their career, to not remaster it for the anniversary after doing all the others is really disappointing.

I found myself ever more incredulous as I looked at this. Easily the richest band in the world. My favourite band of all time. And they are charging me $33 for a single cd???? Why? And Zooropa is ONLY available in the Uber sets?? After coming off the most successful tour ever, they need some pocket cash? Is there tab at the pub coming due? Are they buying Africa so they can feed them all? Sorry, I’m beng pissy but I can’t help it.

Bottom line? I won’t buy any of it. I can live with my original cd.

I also posted the following on the u2.com community page:
“I have been a fan forever. I was looking forward to this. But the pricing? Okay I can see some of this for the uber sets. Sorry boys, $36 US for the album plus b-sides, $33 for just the cd? Not in my price range – no documentary included in the lower items? This is really disgusting me price-wise and value-wise. I guess I’ll have to pass on my favourite U2 album.

Unless proceeds from this will end famine in Somalia, I think the band may have forgotten their fans come from ALL walks of life. And with the economies everywhere in a tailspin, how about something fantastic at a fantasticly LOW price? This after a $736 million dollar gross tour? Is it me? Or is this way over the line?”

Was that too much? I hope more people will cry fowl. Of course if you are happy forking it over as we face a possible second recession, European country foreclosures and massive famines, feel free. I’d rather take the $20 I thought I would pay for the cd and give it to the Red Cross.

Let me know if you agree or if you think I’m way out of line. I can’t help it. I really believe this is too much.

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60 Responses to U2: Achtung Baby Rerelease – I’m Disgusted – Updated 5

  1. Kim Dejonghe says:

    hello everybody,
    I just bought the achtung baby vinyl box set (limited edition) for my parents because they are from the beginning huge u2 fans. Now i know what limited means, but limited to how many? I searched all over the internet and i can’t find how many records they have pressed. If i give my parents the box i hope i can say how many they have pressed. Anybody who knows??

    • larrylootsteen says:

      Unless I’m way off my mark here, I think the reason they don’t publish the numbers is that they will sell as many as they can. They’ll just keep numbering them.

      In an environment where sales are hard to come by, they would have no reason to actually limit it. I would be curious to know the sales figures for each of the different formats. I doubt we’ll ever know that though.

      Keep your eyes out on the box you bought. There is at least one I’ve heard of where they mislabeled one of the albums – putting the same label as one of the others on it. Would be a collectible if you get one!

      Thanks for writing!

  2. Shiang says:

    Well SAID!

  3. ToeMac says:

    The Edge has weighed in on the remastering issue.

    “All we were able to do is optimize it … because the original is so right.”

    • Interesting. So that seems to reinforce what I said back on Aug. 8:

      “I’m no expert on sound engineering but does everything HAVE to be remastered? I mean by the time Achtung Baby came out in 1991, CDs were becoming the norm. Didn’t they master it right the first time?”

      The Edge seems to think they did. I guess the fans have the last word though.

      • ToeMac says:

        Could very well be, like you stated earlier, that it wouldn’t help to remaster it because it was so good before. This is Flood we’re talking about. 🙂

        The semantics around such things are so overloaded that unless you get a five-minute answer it’s hard to tell what they did. Technically speaking, it’s a remaster because they’ve done something to the tracks and the album to “optimize” the sound whatever that means. However, when most people see “REMASTERED” on the side of the album they expect a noticeable sonic difference. Punchier bass, better separation, etc.If all they did was boost the levels and fix a couple of things people would probably complain.

      • larrylootsteen says:

        My issue isn’t whether it was or wasn’t. I was upset at the initial pricing, some of which has changed. But for those of us who cannot afford the bigger parts, we really are getting nothing for the price. Fine that it didn’t need remastering. Why would I buy a cd I already have in the same quality? I have all the b-sides already. So what am I getting? Nothing. So that’s what they’ll get from me. Nothing.

        Price aside, the fact that it took how many months to properly say if it was remastered or not? And they listed it as such on their own website before finally realizing it was wrong. There was no need for all this confusion. Pretty sad.

  4. paulette says:

    I agree completely.

  5. Eddy says:

    I am a U2 Fan and also a collector for more than 20 years.
    I must say that i am very dissapointed in them.

    The prices for the uber collectors editions are absolutely absurd.
    I am not gonna pay $ 420 for a collectors edition.

    Of course i am alwyas interested in limited editions as a collector/fan.
    The number different releases are also to much.

    Imagine how much you have to pay if you want them al.
    Apperently there are only interested in making money.

    • larrylootsteen says:

      It kind of makes you wonder. They tout the GA tickets as a way for everyone to see them. Then they overprice this so badly?

      All I can say is I will buy none of it. I have most, if not all, of the b-sides, the music is not remastered and i would not buy the box sets due to price anyway. I still think they should have included From The Sky Down at all levels. That would have made the lower priced items more attractive.

      • Joe (beliving in the remaster) says:

        Unfortunately for you in this case, it has been confirmed on U2.com that it is, in fact, remastered. Sure, we will have to wait til the experts can listen and confirm it, but we now at least have confirmation from the horse’s mouth:


        Under the 2CD Deluxe edition, it says “CD DISC 1 – ACHTUNG BABY ALBUM REMASTERED” and then under all the editions following that, says the same thing about Disc 1.

      • larrylootsteen says:

        You are right!! I TOTALLY missed that!! Thanks for pointing that out. I had given up on the remaster and did not even see that when I looked at it…

  6. ToeMac says:

    The source format doesn’t really come into play when it comes to remastering so stating ” I can confirm that AB was indeed recorded in analogue, not digital – which begs the question – why – if they didn’t remaster” doesn’t mean anything. Older source material tends to have the best chance of getting an improved sound with new mastering. The fact is that “everything” was analogue until ADAT started pushing into studios. (Yes, there were other formats before but that was the first big commercial product that took off.) Even if Achtung Baby was recorded on some of the first digital products a remaster would, probably, improve the overall sound given the improvements in mastering processes and technology.

    A great article on the topic is at http://www.monolake.de/interviews/mastering.html

    That said I’m a bit surprised that they didn’t remaster it. Especially, as they’re pressing it to new vinyl which means they either had the original vinyl pressings floating around to take new imprints from and re-cut or they remastered it, at least for the vinyl. If they did Unforgettable Fire and Joshua Tree *not* remastering Achtung Baby would be pretty, well, weird. Perhaps they ran out of time and had to get something out to meet a deadline? Also, does anyone really think that the poor intern reading/writing the email for “Universal Music Direct Support Team” knows what’s up? I guess time will tell on this one.

    • larrylootsteen says:

      Okay! Yes, I’m a bit of a simpleton when it comes the audio and all the various formats and technology around that. So I do appreciate the information. As for the actual release and what it will be? That will remain a mystery until someone from the organization steps up and clarifies. My gut feel is that they did not remaster this. And I believe it was as you said. Time. I expect if Bono hadn’t hurt his back and the tour wasn’t extended as it was, perhaps they would have managed it. If I recall correctly, Edge has played a big part in the remastering process of the other re-releases (I may be wrong there – memory is not what it used to be!). So that seems like the most likely reason. I’d still rather see a remastered AB for the 21st anniversary if that is the reason. But maybe there were contractual obligations to deliver it now.

      • ToeMac says:

        I can’t remember what was there before but Amazon only shows the two-disc deluxe edition as “Remastered”. None of the other versions show state remastered in the title or description.

  7. alex kendrick says:

    ‘Achtung Baby’ was remastered last September in a Los Angeles studio: http://www.slicingupeyeballs.com/2010/09/16/u2-achtung-baby-reissue-remaster-special-edition/

  8. Joe says:

    Sorry to say, but there has been confirmation from Universal that this is NOT remastered.

    • larrylootsteen says:

      WHAT??? Joe can you post another comment with a link and text so we can read it?

    • Joe (believing in the remaster) says:

      Yes, where is the source? I’m not seeing it anywhere.
      I’m a different Joe, the one who reported it WAS remastered.

      • larrylootsteen says:

        Sorry read too fast!! I went to a favourite expert and he’s sure the original was recorded in analogue. Now whether the answer from Universal on remastering was right, who knows? But Universal should know. Pretty sad it was not made clear by u2.com if it was remastered…

    • Joe (believing in the remaster) says:

      Now I’m just confused. I’d like Joe to give a source for Universal’s confirmation as to it not being remastered.

      Out of interest, what was the original question asked by “Nick”? “Both albums”? Does that refer to Zooropa and AB? And in what context was he asking? I agree, this is completely dumbfounding and confusing. And now I’m getting incredibly frustrated. I have time to cancel my pre-order but I’ll be livid if I lose my chance to get this limited edition copy, and I’d be just as livid if this is not a remaster. Shelling out all this money for the band.

      To sum everything up, we have a press release on U2.com not mentioning a remaster. Then we have various product pages on various Amazon sites that are showing either original recording remastered, or not showing it at all. Then we have every man and his dog saying he has a source that it is or isn’t remastered. In the end, I think the press release is going to be gospel and that’s it. Unless they amend it themselves. So I guess I just convinced myself it’s not a remaster…

  9. Kris says:

    This is pretty much how things always work. You see the high prices at the beginning and the individual retailers begin to lower their prices as the release date draws near. I mean, come on, this isn’t being released until November. The single disc is now $13.48 on Amazon, which is perfectly reasonable. The box set is 308 on amazon.ca (there’s no reason for people in the US to order from amazon.com when the Canadian Dollar is about equal with the US Dollar – just order from Canada and save $350(though amazon.com will likely lower their price later)). If you don’t want the box set, that’s fine, but 300 dollars or so is not poor value for what it contains.

    Really. This happens every. time. I really don’t understand why people are so quick to freak out.

    • larrylootsteen says:

      I really never paid attention to this before so I can’t really say this is something I knew happens. Good to know anyway. If they had stated up front it was remastered I would have freaked out less. But come on, those initial prices were insanity. Had I known they were guaranteed to drop I probably would never have written this! Good fun anyway!

  10. Joe says:

    What about the possibility that the albums have been remastered, but the wording of the press release announcing the anniversary edition left it out as some bad oversight? I’m not trying to be a smart ass here, just pointing out that this is a possibility. There’s been various sources suggesting they were working on a remaster of AB, I remember one being John Vanderslice, who was in the studio tweeting as they were working on a remaster. Here’s the tweet: http://www.atu2.com/news/achtung-baby-remaster-underway.html . But I think the sheer ridiculousness of the price for an album we already have, as pointed out several times so far on this blog, is proof enough that not even these fat cats can make such a stupid claim at our money. It HAS to be remastered if it’s at these prices!

    • larrylootsteen says:

      Even atu2 is wondering if there is a remaster or not.

      “Among the tracks included are rare remixes, new remixes, new demo versions of well-known songs, and new songs never before released, as well as the two albums we know and love, Achtung Baby and Zooropa. Both are described as “the original album” — no mention has been made that they were remastered. They are both due to be part of the remastering project that has stopped at The Joshua Tree at this time, but so far the promotion of this collection has not mentioned that either has been remastered, although I remain hopeful.”

      I have no idea how they could go ahead with this pricing structure if there is no remaster. Hell, I don’t get the pricing either way. And given that it appears 90% of the material is already in a lot of fan’s collections, I don’t think I understand anything any more…

  11. Alex Dempster says:

    I’m no expert on sound engineering but does everything HAVE to be remastered? I mean by the time Achtung Baby came out in 1991, CDs were becoming the norm. Didn’t they master it right the first time? Having said that, I have noticed when I play old CDs (literally the CDs, not the music), that it sounds quieter. If I have my iTunes on shuffle, I have to play with the volume, like if Achtung Baby comes on, followed by No Line, the latter will be much louder. (This doesn’t just apply to U2 – only an example). So, it seems CDs have generally just gotten louder. But making it louder isn’t the same as remastering it, is it? Just wondering.

    • larrylootsteen says:

      That’s a great question Alex! Not sure. I do know that I have Joshua Tree on cd but they remastered that as well. So I don’t know the answer. Whether there would be a significant enough sound improvement or not, I’d still guess yes as technology improves. Still I’m no expert either. Anyone else care to comment?

    • larrylootsteen says:

      A friend of mine suggested perhaps it was recorded in digital to begin with. Turns out not so. Which means it was a prime candidate for digital remastering in my eyes. I’m guessing the reason may have been time related. Doesn’t change my opinion though. I have the original cd already. I have most of the b-sides. I have the concert video. I would love to have the documentary. And the LPs would be cool if I had a turntable. Like I said, I have no reason to spend a dime on any of this.

    • Kris says:

      The sound difference you’re noting is due to the ‘loudness wars’. CDs have been increasing in volume for the past fifteen years. It’s not a good thing. The files are overly compressed and it leads to listener fatigue.

  12. McFly says:

    Well think of it this way. It was $628 but now on sale for $450. That’s not bad. 🙂
    I jumped right in and put in my pre-order.
    Shipping from the UK is a ridiculous though.

    Total with currency conversion as of Aug 8 is $521 and some change.
    That’s still not bad considering Amazon is listing this at $588.57 with free shipping.
    I still save!

    Anyway it’s Achtung Baby limited numbered edition.
    I have to have it!

    • larrylootsteen says:

      I have absolutely no doubt they will sell them all no matter the price. Still seems outrageous. And I still wish, since they didn’t remaster the cd, that they would have included the documentary at least so there’s be something new for the rest of us! Not holding my breath there…

  13. “Are they buying all of Africa so we can feed them all?” Ha! ha!

    This post sure touched a nerve!

    I have yet to buy a single reissue from my favorite band, mainly due to pricing. Considering their moral and ethical pedigree, one wonders how some of these pricing and gouging issues mesh in their own eyes with the appearance of greed.

    • larrylootsteen says:

      It is kind of sad in such a tough economy. But the thing that pisses me off is that they don’t try very hard to make all of it accessible. And in the case of not remastering the cd but expecting people to pay more, ridiculous. I see we have some pricing updates coming in. I’m going to make some updates!

  14. Tony Toronto says:

    I am just going to ball park the value of each item : 1. A limited, numbered Uber Deluxe Edition ( value? ) : 6 CDs including the original Achtung Baby album, the follow-up album, Zooropa, B-sides, remixes and re-workings of previously unheard material recorded during the Achtung Baby sessions( $120 ) . 4 DVDs including ‘From The Sky Down’, ‘Zoo TV:Live From Sydney’, all the videos from Achtung Baby plus bonus material ( $100 ) . There will also be the Achtung Baby double vinyl album( $30 ) plus 5 clear 7″ vinyl singles in their original sleeves( $50 ) , 16 art prints taken from the original album sleeve( $30 ) , an 84-page hardback book( $50 ) , a copy of Propaganda magazine($10) , 4 badges( $30 ) , a sticker sheet($20 ) , and a pair of Bono’s trademark ‘The Fly’ sunglasses( $100) . – so just ball parking the worth of each item in the package and totaling it : $520 ….and in the fact its ‘limited’ and will be individually #`d adds great value …( #1 will be worth huge dollars on the collectors market .

  15. notthatmeg says:

    Extremely well said!! And not the least bit harsh. Since most artists regard reissues to just be a cash grab by the record label I thought that U2 would price theirs according to their fans, not according to how much the label needs to make this year. What a disappointment. Also, Bono’s glasses were ugly …

  16. paulette says:

    Agree with you Larry. Have been a fan for close to 30 years. Have spent more money than I care to say on tours and merchandise. This is an insult.

  17. Cliff Bechard says:

    I agree. These guys pull in more income than intire COUNTRIES! I remember a few years back checking out their website, and I couldn’t beleive that THESE gentlemen would chage cash money to get membership to their website!! I mean, do they really believe that the majority of their fan base can afford this? Sigh, W.W. J. D.?????

    • Tony Toronto says:

      the fan only cd`s and first crack at concert tickets make the membership cost well worth it . And the majority of their fan base is over 35 years of age : yes , they can afford it .

      • larrylootsteen says:

        Tony, I’m 49 years old and I can’t afford it. We had a rough few years awhile back and still crawling out from under it. So don’t assume that. And frankly, it isn’t about what you can afford, nor the retail cost of the individual items. Box sets of any of the best bands don’t get to these levels. And hey, if you want to pay it, go for it. But if you look at the lowest level items, justify thatt for me. A cd I already own, that I can still buy new at any record store for at least $10 less. Care to explain that away?

  18. Ford motor company discontinued the manufacturing of CD players in thier cars this year- people simply download material off the web; offer something special- a remastered vinyl set without it costing 100 or more- an SACD with bonus blu-ray’s of selected concerts from that album tour- and for those banksters who made a killing with their hedge funds- a multi blu-ray (dvd is soon to be dead) concert selection from that tour and through the band’s history in a bound book for that price- people want the format they want- one person buying records like me is not interested in buying cd’s that will sit on a shelf and never see the light of day.

  19. So the only way to buy the 2 LP vinyl is through your anus? I guess U2 missed the news that for the first time in decades, Vinyl LP records outsold CDs.

    • larrylootsteen says:

      True, but in the grand scheme of things digital downloads outweighs vinyl by a large margin. I have no issue with the vinyl. I don’t buy because I don’t have a turntable. I still think it’s cool vinyl made a significant comeback. My issue is the price structure. And the fact it doesn’t sound like they remastered this. So buying the cd is pointless if true.

  20. L.B. says:

    I agree with the previous comments. They thank us for giving them “a good life,” how about a break in return.

  21. Patrick says:

    I have been screaming about this for years. One the one hand, I have been furious with U2 since the “remastered deluxe editions” of War and Joshua Tree came out. “With unreleased tracks!!!” These “unreleased tracks” were just B-Sides that most die hard collectors (like me) had already owned. (Don’t advertise something that isn’t true.) My frustration even dates back to the release of the Best Of discs when “Sweetest Thing” was released as a “new” single. I was in radio at the time of the release and I REFUSED to call it a new song. STOP selling us stuff that we already own!!! If you want to win me back, do something like Pearl Jam did a few years back, sell EVERY live show, warts and all, to your fans for $10 a pop. I would buy EVERY show I was ever at (27 of them) as well as other ones that I have heard about. QUICK AND EASY CASH. They wouldn’t have to lift a finger to make tens of millions of dollars. And PLEASE don’t play the inferior product card here, because your bootlegs have been sold openly for decades. Wouldn’t U2 as a band rather make a few bucks and GIVE THE FANS SOMETHING THAT THEY WANT in the mean time? U2, as much as it pains me to say this, are a bunch of money driven sell outs and I am officially done with them. Done.

    On the other hand…this is the state of the music business today…U2 isn’t stupid. They are no longer a band, they are business, they know in order to sell records/CDs (tangible product) you must resort to gimmicks like this. You can’t download the vinyl discs from the internet, you can’t download the box. If you want this, the only way to get it is to actually BUY it. (But then again, isn’t this packaging environmentally unsound?)

    Hypocritical sell outs that continue to rip off their fans, the ones who made them who they are.

    Please accept my resignation as a dyed in the wool U2 fan.

    • larrylootsteen says:

      I always wished they’d taken that Pearl Jam route with the live shows. Many shows are out there for download if you can find them. But an official band recorded cd/download would be awesome. I totally get the anger here. Curious if all of us making some noise will change anything. One thing is for sure. The little money I was going to put into this is no longer going their way.

  22. I have seen lower prices posted already elsewhere but the point is well taken – it’s ridiculous, and once again proves the complete non-value (other then first shot at tickets, and even that isn’t really the truth) of u2.com membership. How about a freaking discount for members? Proven time after time that they don’t “get” it. Maybe because they lost a ton of money on stocks and “Spiderman”? They could stream EVERY show for next to nothing, they could provide a recording of every show for a nominal fee (Like Pearl Jam), etc. etc. I love the band, and their participation in Global debt, AIDS, hunger, etc. but sometimes it seems they don’t grasp their own fans. And I know that they don’t run the merchandising side of the business, but ultimately they ARE responsible for it.

    • larrylootsteen says:

      The base pricing is the key. And yes, you can shop around. But it seems to me that Larry was always in charge of the merchandising for the band. I don’t recall that changing. Maybe it has. Either way, you got it! They are the ultimate sign-off.

      Can’t argue with the live streams or the possibility of cheap show releases. I can’t justify paying the annual fee for membership. But I haven’t seen any real benefits to having it. Not enough for me to even consider the outlay anyway!

  23. Zoolok says:

    Well, first of all, thanks for letting me know about the AB rerelease, I’ve been out of the loop when it comes to U2 for a while 🙂

    As for the prices… How much of a say does the band have in these matters? Also, how much would it cost to get all those things from the most expensive package separately?

    It’s pricey, and most likely something I’ll never buy (though I want to), but hmm… Truth be told, if I had the money, I’d get it in the blink of an eye 🙂

    U2’s job is not to save the world. In that respect, I think they’ve already done more than enough. Well, just my 2 cents 🙂

    Damn, I sometimes miss those U2 Wire arguments 😛

    • larrylootsteen says:

      Zoolok!!! It has been a long time!!

      This isn’t about charity. This is about reasonable. If I recall correctly the Joshua Tree 2CD release I bought awhile back was $22 or $24. Not $36. And most deluxe box sets would closer to $300 not $600. I just think this is ridiculous

      And by the way, since when DOESN’T U2 have control of anything to do with their music???

    • Patrick says:

      I used to be tight with a guy who worked for Interscope Records (U2’s label.) He told me that Interscope dosen’t make one red cent off of U2, in fact they lose money on U2. They signed with Interscope as a favor to Jimmy Iovene and they are on the label as a “cornerstone act” to attract other acts to sign with them. U2 controls EVERY aspect of their music and presentation. They control the release dates, the packaging…you name it, U2 controls it. The only thing Interscope controlled was the distribution and promotion. (But really, who isn’t going to carry a U2 record?)

      • Zoolok says:

        Well, maybe then U2 are in music what Apple is in the computer industry, in a way (overpriced, charging a premium)? :/

        We’ll see if the prices drop in the near future. If they don’t, then I guess that will mean that people bought the rereleases at the listed prices…

  24. Pingback: U2: Achtung Baby Rerelease – I'm Disgusted | Larry Lootsteen's Blog | | Turntables DirectTurntables Direct

  25. Cath says:

    Dear Larry,
    You’re totally right. I’m always looking forward to hearing some unreleased songs or b-sides but here they go too far. Beeing a young student I won’t be able to afford any of them. But I was wondering if it is really the band who sets the prices? I tend to believe that they have nothing to do with it and let their music label decide over this don’t you think so?

    • larrylootsteen says:

      I can’t imagine U2 not having control of every aspect of this. They have for decades. If they thought it was too pricey they could say so.

      I don’t expect to be able to afford the box sets. Most people can’t. But I do expect reasonable for the cd and b-sides. They have always done so in the past.

      Thanks for writing!

  26. Andy says:

    Yep I’m extremely disappointed.

  27. I. V. says:

    $628?! I’ll pass. Maybe they’ll take installments? 😉

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