U2: Disgusted Part II – The Claw For Sale

U2 360 Stage

As you can see by the the link here, the three incredible stages used during U2’s 360 tour are up for sale.

No price is listed but they do provide a number of options for whoever wants to purchase them. According to an article I read, the folks at the Hard Rock might be interested in one. Some options provided are:
As a music and entertainment venue, structure is able to provide a large covered stage area with or without wings and offers maximum load capacity for any event.

At a world exposition or Olympic games, this is an attention grabbing high profile structure that also claims a unique piece of history.

As an exhibition hall, the complex could be fitted with multiple floors with ceilings anywhere from 10 to 100 feet.

As a plaza, the “claw” encompasses an area of 2,727 square metres (28,287 square feet) and would easily accomodate up to 2,800 people under cover.

As a pre-built, engineered enclosure the structure is easily transportable, requires a very short installation time frame, and has proven to be extremely rugged and dependable.

You can see some of the proposed designs from that website at the bottom of this post.

But that isn’t what is bugging me today. Awhile back I had thought the band was going to donate those stages. THAT was a good thought in my mind. And in all fairness, I don’t really know how the ownership or disposition of the stages is structured. I have a hard time believing the damn things aren’t owned significantly, if not completely by the band. I could be wrong but I doubt it.

Which leads me to the nub of the issue. Why not donate them? When I originally heard, or thought I heard, they would be given away, I thought what a great opportunity for some poorer places who cannot afford to build a significant musical venue to provide a space and perhaps attract some talent to perform for decent prices, or even free, but provide a wonderful experience much bigger than they might have been able to provide.

I’m not stupid. Maybe this is just my lefty liberal mindset making more of this than is necessary. I can’t help but think of a Claw in South America, one in Africa and perhaps one in a poor country in southern Asia somewhere.

I just think this was a wonderful opportunity to give something special that would enhance the music available in these places. To give bands a chance to play with some fantastic equipment and lights and really inspire everyone. For me this is like Music Rising but on a much larger scale. Can you imagine how many places would want and could benefit from it? They could have picked places before ever announcing and saved the trouble.

And yeah, some of you might go ‘But Larry, they paid for it. Why not recoup some of it’? And of course the obvious is to agree. But why not do something that spectacular? As spectacular as the damn thing was to use, watch and be amazed by! Of course its their decision. Of course it won’t happen. But wouldn’t it have been amazing for the biggest band in the world to donate one of the biggest mobile stages in the world to 3 deserving communities who could really do something wonderful with it?

Alas no. The almighty buck wins again. Can’t, and by the way, won’t hide my bitter disappointment.

I know there’s been amazing generosity by the members of the band. I have no idea how much of their personal wealth has made its way to various charities and causes over the years. But as they move into the final leg of the bands life tour, I had hopes they would step out and do something so over the top that it would be a defining moment of a tour filled with defining moments.

Hell, a guy can dream can’t he? He can also be bitterly disappointed…



Concert Venue

Theme Park

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5 Responses to U2: Disgusted Part II – The Claw For Sale

  1. crush-monkey says:

    I think they are going to end up being donated or held in cold storage for a long time.
    In this economy who can afford to purchase at what I assume is an insane price.
    Just think…by the time of the next tour…the claw will be ‘ SO 2011’ : )

  2. Cliff Bechard says:

    I TOTALLY AGREE, Larry! Why CAN”T they donate this stage, or even give the sale profits to a needy cause, like the poverty in Africa?? Why does this band keep the money printing press (ha-ha!) of thiers going like on examples like this here! Oh well, maybe the resession hits hard also on the richest band in rock history. Sigh.

    • larrylootsteen says:

      I have no idea! Maybe they do have plans like that? I just think that them finding a worthy community would have been the best road…thanks for sharing your thoughts…

  3. Dear Larry I totally agree on your disappointment and anger – both on the achtung baby rerelease and on selling the claw. Surely we will have soon to talk about the richest band in the world relating to rich people only. Joergen , Denmark

    • larrylootsteen says:

      Hey Joergen! I really hope this is not the new normal. I never wanted to feel this way about it but I do! Anyway, thanks for writing!

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