Synapses of Time

I have taken the essential beating
Pondered the existential meaning
I walked the dark line of shame
And felt the enduring blame

Travelling the synapses of time
Sunsets coupled with red wine
Seastorm swirls, cumulus fury
Eyes both wet and voices slurry

Revenge is exacted by hand
A singlet definition of man
Dressed in a custom made suit
The word and the meaning both moot

I stare deep into a star struck abyss
Two comets collide with a kiss
Regulation challenges inception
Arid and acrid depression

The education blooms on a vine
Leading to the vast, empty mind
Knowing the least of the most
The brightest and dullest hard coast

As we step off the end of the pier
Sitting neither farther nor near
The breadth and broth and the switch
Empty bowl with a small nervous tick

Grapple with God, His Devil, Belief
Left barren on the cold-spined reef
Chemical chain scrabble erosion
None of which is the flesh nor the potion

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5 Responses to Synapses of Time

  1. Chaz Vargas says:

    You have captured in verse the feeling I had when I visited Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY and saw Dalis’ Crucifixion. WOW!!!!

  2. I felt very close to capturing physical sensations of force, I think that your rhyme scheme causes the wobble.


  3. C. E. Viard says:

    I can’t articulate in a coherent manner how this piece made me feel, but when I read aloud your words my heart swelled and my eyes wept. Thank you.

    • larrylootsteen says:

      Frankly I think you articulated that very well! Thank you so much for sharing your feelings. I really appreciate it…

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