Hut – Everything Is Energy

Listen here:

Everything Is Energy is a project from Chris Shinn (best known for the band Unified Theory). As far as I can tell there was only one album back in 2007 and Hut was the lone single. Shinn appears to have some new music coming in the next year. I will be curious to see what it sounds like.

Lyrics here, more below:

Must have been awhile
Cause I was dreaming
I knew I was alone
When you weren’t there

Met you in a place
I thought we’d feel it
Wide awake alone
With someone else

Come kiss me now
Come touch me now

So I knew it was the time
I was fearing
Caught up in a place
That I couldn’t save

Come kiss me now
Come touch me now

You feel me come
I’ll turn me all
Around and around
Oh love me
Or I’ll flounder round

Oh it had to be awhile
Cause we were dreaming
I never was alone
Because you were there

Come live your life
No tears for now
I’m here for you
Let’s let it out
Let it out
Pull it out
Get it out
Let it go

The drive of this music just takes you on this journey of pain and possible redemption. What he wants, had, maybe have again. Just a brilliant song. I couldn’t find the lyrics so I did my best. A couple of lines I was very iffy about so send any thoughts along.

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2 Responses to Hut – Everything Is Energy

  1. larrylootsteen says:

    You are right! Thanks Tom! I think maybe I typed ‘out’ the previous 3 lines and kept going! Thanks for the visit and the catch!

  2. Tom Padgett says:

    Last line I think is “let it go.”

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