In A World Full Of Lies

Have you ever heard the like?
Have you ever heard it said?
Have you ever thought you’d see the day?
Have you ever felt the dread?

You see it on the tv
I’ve heard it on the news
They talk of it on radio
It just gives me killer blues

I can’t believe that truth is gone
Like some old dinosaur
And this bastardized reality
Is not what I’m looking for

Sick of the shit
The bull never ends
Politicos, pundits and newsies
All whores
Slaves to the pocketed dollar
Always willing to take even more

The truth is for sale
Our lives just to work and then die
The public is fucked
From and in every direction
And we just sit here and let them
Like some crab-caked infected erection

Our food is a culture
That’s corporate, you know
In stores there’s no taste
And the farmers are broke
The ones who do try
Are crushed into smoke

We pollute in absolutes
But too expensive to fix
Fabricated science and reasons
To convince us to stay the course
So when the storms knock your life out
Too late for sympathy or remorse

My God is the God
You heathen-istic shrew
My mega-church is bigger and better
And my statue is made out of gold
God said to bow before me now and pray
And don’t forget before you go
To make sure that I get paid

When money is Satan
And war is the norm
The military complex
Is the new porn

What education have you had?
When your planet is just American
The world is lost to Stars and Hype
Never to be seen again

So here we sit on this pile of shit
That soul in the mirror so easy to despise
And when reality calls and you wake up
Fully lost in a world full of lies

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2 Responses to In A World Full Of Lies

  1. empressalice says:

    Your words are so raw and strong and as much as i would like to say i dont belive what your are saying is true i cant because you are right. brilliant. stay true

    • larrylootsteen says:

      Frankly I wish I didn’t believe them either! But I can’t. Thanks for taking the time to reply and for the kind words!

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