Higan De Chiru Ao – The Novembers


Okay. So I woke up this morning a little thirsty for some new music. First thought that popped into my head? I wonder what kind of indie music they have in Japan. I never said I was normal!

After a few minutes of searching I ran across this song. The beauty of music is that, even if you can’t understand the words, you can often get the feeling of the song. I really felt the music of this track.

I may have whatever this song is about all wrong (and isn’t the video quite cool!) but that is what music is all about.

To me the song was a calling of sorts. It felt to me like a person lost, wandering, trying to find something but not sure what. Is it love? Connection? Meaning? I went with the latter. I end up here a lot listening to music. Maybe that’s because it seems like the whole world is like that so much of the time. Maybe I’m the one trying to find meaning in a world of greed and selfishness. And maybe that’s what I hear through the music I listen to.

Anyway, these guys have some real talent. I listened to several tracks of this new album by them. This one connected with me the most but the other tracks are excellent as well. Check them out!


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