Dead Sun Rising – Gary Numan


For those of you who are thinking ‘is that the “Cars” guy from the 80s?’, you would be correct. What many of you don’t know is that he has never stopped performing, writing and releasing material. Always interesting, often groundbreaking and truly a master of the elctronic arts. Ignored in North America for the most part, he is a cult figure and huge star in the UK. His new album Dead Son Rising (note the spelling difference) is absolutely spectacular.

Lyrics here, more below:
We come, we go
So we can remember the dark
No songs, no words
Just whispers that wait for you to sleep

And when you dream
We’ll come for you and breathe in your pain
We’ve seen such things and
Hide them from you and so keep you pure

I’ve seen gods bleeding
I’ve seen worlds burn
I’ve seen stars falling
And I’ve seen a dead sun rising

We live, for you
We keep you safe
We keep you unknown
We die for you
Like rain we fall
Until you are born

We are the lost
Without you we are all
That was wrong
We are the last
Without you
We are the sigh in the wind

I’ve watched gods bleeding
I’ve watched worlds burn
I’ve watched stars falling
And I’ve watched the dead sun rising (repeat 7x)

I always love a song with mixed messages and multiple meanings. On the one hand you could look at this from the perspective of God, watching over us, protecting us from evil. On the other hand you look at it as a father or mother, looking out for their young children, pushing back the dark from them as long as they can. Too, you could look at it as a sick child, and the parents hovering near, trying to ease the burden being carried by whatever horrible disease may be attacking them. Any which way you look at it, I love that darkness with a mix of light. This is a brilliant track!

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