Humble and Fred – An Amazing Start

UPDATE: Humble and Fred will make their first national appearance Tuesday, November 1, 2011. They will appear on CTV’s CanadaAM at 8:50amET. Be sure to check them out!

If you miss it you can find the video on their website. Check out the video page from their main page here.

Well, as start ups go, Humble and Fred (the inimitible Humble Howard Glassman and ‘luvin you’ Fred Patterson (aka Freddie P)) are hard out of the gate. Their first 7 shows were downloaded 130,000 times! And they’ve been in the top 5 iTunes comedy podcasts this week!

I spoke previously of this former Toronto morning show duo and their current reunion as an internet radio show. You can read my previous comments here.

The beauty of these guys is just the day-to-day items they discuss that end up being priceless. Fred talked this week about how his neighbour’s kid keeps parking his car in front of Fred’s house. This annoyed Fred greatly since there was both space in the driveway and in front of his their own house. Something we can all relate to.

And given the number of e-mail comments they received, you have to know there’s a connection with listeners.

Another very funny thing started from Fred saying he would give his own expert sexual advice. That suddenly became a regular bit they are now featuring. One of his suggestions? Take your lady to a very public place and proclaim loudly ‘BABY, I WANT THE INTERCOURSE’. He guarantees this will turn her on!! They are talking about getting t-shirts people can buy with that on it!!

There are many shows up now and you can get them in a number of ways:

You can subscribe to their podcast on iTunes.

You can download the mp3 for each show here.

You can listen using the player on their site here.

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