Occupy My Thoughts

We live in a world of lost
Up is down and wrong is right
And common sense
Is nowhere in sight

Children starve in the streets
While some just want more
Where plenty means another jet
Greed is a black hole whore

No jobs for Job
No lot for Lot
Believer or not
Society is lost

How much is too much?
Is the question today
Why is there no end nor limit
To what you’d do or say?
When so many need so little
Can you tally the cost?
This is the issue to
Occupy my thoughts

First millions then billions
Then trillions and on
Do you get that more zeroes
Bring you nothing at all?

Where’s your head?
Where’s your heart?
Do cents make more sense?
The end is the start

In the community of man
Comes the love of each other
Isolated ivory towers
Is a world without brothers

So take my hand here
And hers over there
And feel the spirit that lives
When you really care

How little is too little?
When it comes time to share
There should be no end nor limit
To what is fair
When you live just to take
Can you feel the rot?
I hope this doesn’t just
Occupy MY thoughts

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One Response to Occupy My Thoughts

  1. Carol says:

    Love this, Larry!

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