You feel the anger build
In the cities, scapes and towns
Tired of lies and greed
Of these selfish, bloated clowns

People wasted and starving
Lost on the street
While fat cats expand their wealth
In walls of concrete

Are you as sick of this as I am?
Are you wandering aimless
Trying find the meaning?
Is the future frozen
A barren wasteland
Owned by the few
But owed to the many
So let’s get mad
Let’s get back
All that was taken
By force, not of nature
You can see the path ahead
In the rolling waves of protest

If you thought this would stop
And they’d come to their senses
There’d be less of a need
For the 99% consensus

The truth of the day
Is it’s up to us
To return the rights home
People’s omnibus

I’m so sick of the pain
And watching this bullshit
The sneers on their faces
As their wallets grow
No care of anyone else
But their own power
Is their focus
So don’t stand by
Don’t wait
Get off the couch
And in the street
Make something change

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One Response to Intentcity

  1. yekdeli says:

    well put, Larry…I’m out there with you

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