ReNew Year’s Day

I’ve seen my fair share
Of years and change
The weird and strange
And all that might mean

In early years
It was party time
Tequila and lime
And dancing the night away

As I’ve aged (it’s true!)
It’s gone from self-destructive
To much more reflective
A look at the world at hand

And lately it’s hard to say
That we have moved an inch forward
As what we’ve moved toward
Is a world of ignorance sans bliss

We are lied at daily
By pundit and protagonist
Politician and capitalist
It is always going to get better

Our food is manufactured
Not really grown and picked
But shoveled like shit
Without a hint of nutrition

The credit card world
Of escalating debt
Without need we get
The stuff is a loss for meaning

The broken moral decay of
The disposable life we all led
A hamster wheel spinning with greed
The ads that sell us these empty lives

I’m so tired feeling like crap
About the world in which we live
If all of us could just give
A damn about the important things

Let’s clean up this polluted home
And actually think about what we hear
Stop living the cycle of fear
And stop buying so we can give for a change

Let’s give some account for our life
Stop letting those hacks off the hook
For stealing our future by crook
Banks and politicos should sweat

Let’s look and buy local
And let the mom and pop’s
Keep their hometown shops
And give some real for once

As another year sets to begin
It starts with you and I
And the will to do or die
Make it a happy Renew Year’s Day

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2 Responses to ReNew Year’s Day

  1. Darrell says:

    A nice introspective of how our priorities in life and our outlook changes as we get older. I often think of the same things – how can we make this world a better place for ourselves and for others? My, how the world is changing! Happy New Year!

    • larrylootsteen says:

      It’s hard not to feel jaded. So hard to look positively forward, but we must. And how do we cause the revolt against the current life so many lead without thinking? One day and one heart at a time…

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