Perfect Quiet

Walking on the barren beach
No waves to be seen
The sea all mirrored glass
To far beyond the horizon
No ships come past
No wind whipped crests
I stride in calm
And perfect quiet

Standing in an empty field
No waves of grain
The flattest prairie
As far as I can see
No animal nor barn
No tractor on the tract
I stand in breezeless calm
And perfect quiet

I jogged through the city centre
No building can be seen
A flat road map scape
To the edge of my vision
No people nor car
No bus, tram or train
I ran in breathless calm
And perfect quiet

I floated through darkened space
No planet nor sun
All blackness and empty
As far as I can’t see
No stars, no ship
Nor countenance
I fly in growing panic
And perfect quiet

I ascend to this God’s heaven
No pearly, standing gate
All glowing light and shine
Too far for me to see
No clouds nor angels greet me
No structure to be seen
I alight without understanding
And perfect quiet

I arrive back home and waken
No walls, no roof
An endless open concept
Beyond infinity to see
No wife nor kids to meet me
My loss is boundless pain
I arise in tear-soaked madness
And perfect quiet

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