Death of Reason

Come Mitt me
To a land that is free
Of Sense
Of Logic
Of Care

All that is Newt
Where morals are moot
So Smart
So Right
So True

Where the Rick of the trade
MY religion displayed
Christian right
Christian country
Christian only

And though he’ll Ron for the hills
The ideals he distills
Not Liberal
Not government
Not together

It’s a world full of shills
The pawns are the people
The kings and emperors
Run the show from the wings

Asses packed, Super PAC’d
The venom and hate flow
And no one calls them out
On the lies and deceit

And why do so many
Believe all this tripe
When a single thought or search
Shows the level of bull

I’m angry and hurt
And sick of it all
How can we be this
Out of touch

How rich is too rich
How many channels too
How much crap can be absorbed
While reality is just ignored

Every person matters here
And if everything has a season
I can’t believe we’ve ended up
In a time for the death of reason

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