When I Write My Master’s Thesis – John K Samson

Listen.Watch here:

Now you may not know the name but if you happen to be a Weakerthans fan you would surely recognize the voice. This solo effort is certainly spectacular and the album is called Provincial. His songwriting style is always interesting and elevated above much of what you hear these days. What i love about his style is how he takes the most offbeat topics and makes something special from it.

Lyrics here, more below:
Oh the streets of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
Fill with smoke
Doorbell rings
I put my controller down and pick it up
Shoot some things

Later, the darkness hits reboot
And the loneliness increases
She said she’d come back home
When I write my master’s thesis

Oh the hours I spent in the archives
Wearing cotton gloves
Shuffling photos from the
Ninette Sanatorium Halloween parties

Emaciated ghosts hiding in
Those curtains’ creases
I’ll let you haunt the world
When I write my master’s thesis

No more marking first year papers
No more citing sources

So I left home
Cried the bumpy ride to Highway 23
Started west
They’ll be there to say
That I don’t to take their stupid test

Greet me with banners and balloons
And my hard drive smashed to pieces
Nothing left for me to save
When I write my master’s thesis
It’s all gonna change when I write my master’s thesis

What I really love here is that feeling we all have when school is finally over. Not for summer but forever. And obviously the learning should never stop but the elation of finishing, graduating is something else. In part it comes from the last run to the end of the last year. You want to give up, walk away but you push through. And when you are done the first thought is to hit the road. Make a break for it before the next phase begins. The emotions and feel you get from this song is what hit me.

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