By God’s Will

Senses at the ready
The stage is set
You are about to witness
The ultimate theft

The speeches have been written
The audience hand-picked
The handlers at the door
Logic has called in sick

The music has the crowd aloft
The signs are there, in motion
The prayers can begin in earnest
Not so devout in their devotion

The man walks out on stage
His hair a perfect coif
The mainstream media, he says
Can fuck right off
In a fundamental moment
In a billionaires revival tent
It isn’t the voters who picked me
By God’s will I’m sent

Off the stage, this man
Truly couldn’t give a shit
About Jesus nor His poor
Just a good reason to spit

The use and abuse of religion
Has become the political game
Pandering and fawning over the faithful
Picking their pockets in His name

When the judgement comes
Whether voter, life or God
There is but one truth to be told
You still won’t have a job

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