I fell into a reconciliation
Feeling more like a denigration
The vengeful God sent to cover me
Bathing in a stream of Holy Acid

The scars brought Satan to my door
I said ‘To hell with you, you whore’
And I laughed so hard that it hurt
At the redundant insult that I spat

I don’t know and I can’t say
If I’ll ever reconcile this game
Of my logical and illiogical brain
And a world of faith in His name

And while religion is just twisted
Selfish, unholy and double-fisted
At the end of the day it is little
To do with the true meaning of faith

I’ve spent years and decades bucking
The truth of the matter I’m ducking
That what I don’t need is okay
And what you might need I can’t say

If whatever God to whom you pray
Somehow helps you make it through the day
Who am I to even question
What is most important to you?

As long as you recognize sense
And you don’t pass yourself off as dense
I need you to be okay with me
And I’ll be right by you

My soul is not to be acquired
Quested for, captured, conspired
Life is meant to be lived
My pain I’ll deal as I see fit

To me faith is simply love
Mine is direct, yours a dove
Both come from an honest expression
From the heart and to the heart extended

So while I may not understand
I accept and then extend my hand
Our journey’s are one and the same
Life, let us live it fully

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2 Responses to Reconcile

  1. Darrell Childress says:

    A great post, Larry, on how religion and faith should be. So many people today are quick to condemn those whose views on faith are different from theirs. I’ve never seen faith as something to force on others or even to coerce others into. Your fourth verse (religion being twisted, etc) is so on-the-mark. There’s such a massive difference between religion and faith. Faith is a personal thing between the believer and God, and isn’t something to be judged by others….until they start trying to impose their beliefs on others.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • larrylootsteen says:

      I appreciate that Darrell, thanks! Funny the roads life takes you down and how your views change with experiences and age!

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