U2: New Album, Round 47

Okay, so here we are in late April 2012. I think we started talking about this in what, 2010? So I’ll take a tranquilizer and relax. Last time I held my breath I passed out.

So I found an article in RTE (I see atu2 has picked this up already as well) with Norah Jones. In the article she mentions she is working with Danger Mouse. Yes Brian Burton who has been mentioned working with our boys for quite the long while.

So here are the two quotes in the article (you can read the whole thing here):

“On the other hand, Danger Mouse, aka Brian Burton, is the in-demand producer who has worked with Gnarls Barkley, The Black Keys, and who’s just finished producing U2’s new album.”

“He’s almost finished producing U2’s new album but Norah is simply not going to talk about that. “You’d need to ask him. He told me loads about it, not that I’m going to tell a journalist from Dublin! There’s no gossip, nothing juicy to tell you anyway.”

Okay, well that sounds promising if you can get past the conundrum of ‘just finished’ versus ‘almost finished’.

If true, guessing we’ll be seeing something this year after all. As always, I will make the next wrong prediction:
Guessing U2 single Sept 24 with a possible album release Nov 5/6.

Go ahead, tell me I’m wrong!!! I already have!

So my thinking is that Danger Mouse production will take us down the more pop road with some generous dance beats thrown in for fun. I really think they loved how the live version of Crazy turned out so we could really get some interesting psychedelics, particularly if Larry and Adam decided to take some psychedelics!! Let’s think one pounder political track, two soulful and strictly love oriented ballads and a mix of 9 upbeat, fuzzy, pounding soundscapes, again focused more on love and less on politics. This will be play for airwave acceptance as well as dominance and will define where the band goes and if the band stays around any longer. Also expecting the arena tour to follow in 2013. Let’s say Vancouver for the first show for fun. Cover the western US and Canada first before a swing up the east coast late spring, early summer.

Please note all opinions here are just that. Level of bullshit fully dependent on exactly how wrong I might be. Deal with it!

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