You looked at me
With dry-ass smirk
That told me all
I ever needed to know
About you

Your suit screams
But your wife is cheating
And your kids only know you
As ‘sir’

Yeah maybe you can afford
To eat at Momofuku Ko
But you spit on street folks
And your charitable donations go
For saving taxes

Do you ever wonder what happened?
How life took your soul
Left you cold
In the city
And the money and power
Inflated your head and your ego
But left you nothing to feel
But empty

Yeah, maybe I’m not the best
That humanity can offer
But I care a lot
More for this world
Than you’ll know

Sacrifice means you and your time
Not for anyone
Not family
Not friend
Nor those in need

While your life is an artifice
A monument to you
The sham and the scam
Is there is nothing inside
But the dark wisp of wind

Do you ever wonder what happened?
How childhood joy has gone and
Left you cold
In your pity
And the scoring and whoring
Inflated your need for more
But left you nothing but the sense
You are empty

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