Truth Be Told

The facts are lost
In the noise of life
The reality is not a show
The pain inside is a call to arms
Where more is less you know

The surge in stupid
Is no accident
Designed to distract us all
We barely notice what’s taken away
While Jersey dolts just brawl

The danger of an empty mind
Is worse then a bomb in the face
The flaccid thoughts and blinding costs
Are a society in decay
The worship of and adherence to
The church of the dollar roll
Leave you feckless and idealess
If the truth be told

I could sit and say
That I don’t know
Why all this shit goes on
I could pass it off as nothing more
Then a phase that will soon be gone

But we all know that isn’t true
And that we are manipulated
Freedoms gain are lost yes stolen
While money and power will go to those
With no heart, no soul, unspoken

The danger of an empty life
Is worse then a slap in the face
The flaccid thighs and mental costs
Are a monument to decay
The blind deviation from and ignorance of
Education and intelligence leaves me cold
We are falling fast and the landing hard
If the truth be told

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2 Responses to Truth Be Told

  1. Bravo! Standing ovation!!!
    Brilliant – I agree whole heartedly!
    While everyone worships shopping at the altar of celebrity, the rest of the world goes to hell in a handcart!
    I really enjoyed this 🙂

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