My Rant For Today

I’ll apologize in advance for yet another in a long line of posts about the insanity that is our world today.  Fuck that.  Deal with it.

You know it’s gone off the rails when you flip on bloody Cable Network News (CNN, Certainly Not News, Channel Not Needed) and they are talking about The Real Housewives of Atlanta. This is your idea of news? This is fucking Entertainment Tonight!! And that little moment which almost made me hurl a perfectly good cup of coffee is hardly the only problem with this supposedly non-partisan network.

I may hate FoxNews for their bias. I may resent the necessity of the counterpoint that is MSNBC. But at least they are honest in their dishonesty. Everyone knows what they are and why they are the way they are. CNN pretends at reporting these days. Mostly it’s a joke. Their idea of political reporting is having a pundit from each side offer their spin on whatever stupidity is on the endless campaign trail (case in point – the dog on the roof (Romney) vs I ate dog (Obama)). GOP-everyman says Obama is ruining not only the earth but the universe. Dem-everyman replies that the universe was already imploding into a black hole and Romney will complete the job. And when was the last time anyone from Wolf Blitzer on down actually called out anyone for their insanity. Michelle Bachmann and Mr. 9-9-9? No, they just let them spout and never say ‘are you nuts’?

And you wonder why the sanest among us turns to comedians for analysis. Because they know ridiculous bullshit when they see it. They call it out. Not the so-called ‘reporters’, ‘anchors’ who are just game show hosts trying to dazzle the idiot masses with their faux 3-D Wonder Screens and Breaking News Segments from yesterday.

Even the moronic money segments. “I have $10,000 to invest. What should I do”? Apparently you aren’t most of us. Hey Ali Velshi, I have no disposable income at the end of the month. What should I do with the fucking dustbunnies in my wallet? Big Oil? Commodities? Fucking AIG? Awesome! By 2015 I’ll have a fucking quilt!

Do you think Reliable Sources will ever do a breakdown bit on Reliable Sources? Or anyone at CNN (did I mention Crazy Non-News?)?

Hey! Jack Cafferty! Why don’t you ask this question: When was the last time you got information from CNN that wasn’t in the form of opinion instead of news? That’s if you need to know.

There’s shit going on all over the world but you’d never know it in the US. The world map of CNN involves America dead center, followed by a blip called Afghanistan, another called Israel, Iran and China. And unless a kitten swam out of a fucking tsunami in the South Pacific, nothing exists.

Did you know Australia is trying to pass legislation giving law enforcement access to almost everything? Of course you don’t. You can read that here if interested.

With all the bullshit in the world, you have to wonder why Whitney Houston’s “shocking” demise was SOOOO bloody important. I wonder if they bothered such a huge amount of time to Adam Yauch (MCA of the Beastie Boys) dying of cancer today. Cancer, pfft, how boring. Fuckers. Seriously, how long until CNN starts covering Snooki getting a Brazilian?

As much as I blame CNN for all this shit, the reality is that we the public are responsible for no longer giving a rat’s ass about important things. If you spend your day waiting for Jersday. If you follow Jessica Simpson on Twitter. If anything Bobby Flay says makes you orgasm. If Celebrity Apprentice, The Bachelor or Survivor are the shows you simply MUST see each week, YOU are the problem.

When did you stop caring? Maybe you should stop and ask yourself why the rest of the world doesn’t enter your mind. Maybe you need to explore why bills before Congress or Parliament that are designed to take your rights away but being sold as ‘keeping us safe’ are okay. You are distracted. So am I. We all are. I fight this battle to stay informed every fucking day. And so should you. If you are going to be sitting on your lazy ass like I am looking at Twitter, why not see what Amnesty International is up to. What about the One campaign. Hell read some articles from England, Israel or anywhere. Know what? It’s as fucking simple as fucking Google. The whole world is pretty much online. USE IT!!

I’m not trying to be an asshole. Okay, maybe a little. But I get sick of people ignoring what is going on. I don’t care if you disagree with me. I want that. But do it because you’re informed and not because some idiot on CNN who looks like fucking Gollum told you the Dems are awesome!! Learn about the world. It is easier than you think. Look up maps and see where places are. Not just comfortable ones either. Pick hard places like Iran and Israel. Understand the culture, even a little, and you be surprised that things are not so fucking black and white. Do you believe everyone in Israel wants to bomb Iran. They don’t. Do you think the people in Iran want to be bombed or want their government to attack, no. Only radicals want that. We are all people with lives and kids and struggles. Everywhere. Remember that the next time you feel like banging your fist and shouting “blow them off the map”. Imagine it was you having to deal with that with your kids, your spouse, your family. Ain’t so easy is it.

I’m done.

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3 Responses to My Rant For Today

  1. Tony Espinal says:


  2. Vicki says:

    I could not agree with you more Larry. I go through the same frustration while watching the “media”. It’s all a charade you can’t begin to take it seriously. Sadly I don’t think a lot of people see through it. Maybe a few more due to Occupy Wall Street. A few more. I just miss some good reporting. It is very sad and I do feel very angry about it. It seems to be getting worse too. I think people should be protesting the media for the ridiculous way they present themselves now. Just my two cents. For what its worth I’m a Bill Maher fan. Thanks for posting this.

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