Seismic Shift

When the world that we know doesn’t work
And the pain that is suffered
Drives out hope
And our lives are controlled
By money that we don’t have

It takes some real perseverance
To keep standing up
Against the deterrence
That makes you want to
Give up and die

If it wasn’t for family and friends
And strength that reside within
To fight the oppressive forces
The keep on coming despite
Any attempts to respond in an instant
Quashed by lawmaker’s sickly demand
And collusion’s the way of the world
What we need and we need it now
Is a critical seismic shift

A seismic shift in attitudes
A shift from greed for gold
A care for our fellow man
With love we should all know

A seismic shift in direction
A shift from wanting ever more
Sharing we learned back in grade school
Returns to be our norm

A seismic shift in currency
A shift for all who need work
Building esteem for the masses
Responsibility not to be shirked

The earthquake and tsunami that follows
Needs to wipe our slate fully clean
To find the road to Eden
Requires from us a new dream

Devastation we already know
Destruction is the force of today
Tomorrow begins again new
Building against the seeds of decay

So join me in pushing back now
Occupy does truly exist
The reality is in our unity
So we can start that seismic shift

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2 Responses to Seismic Shift

  1. larrylootsteen says:

    I really appreciate you saying that!

  2. Vicki says:

    That was great writing Larry. Thank you.

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