5 Best – The Tragically Hip

I have to say I feel like music is in a bit of a lull in recent months. Not finding the raft of killer songs (at least for my liking) to write about. Time may be a factor there! So I thought I’d take a moment to share some favourite songs by my favourite bands.

The Tragically Hip are a Kingston, Ontario rock band that are considered a Canadian gem. These guys live are on par with any of the bigger players in the world – think U2, Coldplay. They are unfraid to write and release songs about things truly Canadian. And we love them for it. They are creative in so many ways. Gord Downey’s lyrics are always interesting, often inspired. He is also one of the strangest performers. Poetic, driven and just plain fun rock n roll!

Feel free to share your favourites. These are my top 5! And don’t be afraid to turn it up LOUD!

#5 Silver Jet

#4 – At The Hundredth Meridian

#3 – Little Bones

#2 – New Orleans Is Sinking (Killer Whale Tank)
Just a note here. This version of their biggest hit, New Orleans Is Sinking, has only been done live and is a fan favourite.

#1 – Grace Too

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One Response to 5 Best – The Tragically Hip

  1. Will says:

    Grace Too is definitely the best Hip song

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